Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5942

  After this page was opened, the photo on the top right corner of the left side was of a small antique shop, this antique shop was somewhat retro, the front of the shop had a somewhat British style, and in the middle of the round signboard, the word “Gu” was written in Chinese characters.

Lin Wan Er on the side pointed to a number plate next to the shop door and said: “Sir, this shop is in Queens, New York.”

“Is it?” Ye Chen asked curiously, “How can you tell? I can’t even read the words on it clearly with this resolution.”

Lin Wan Er said, “Slave has lived in Queens, the size, colour scheme, and the location of this kind of number plate hanging is the style of Queens in earlier times, I’m not sure if it’s still being used now.”

“New York ……,” Ye Chen nodded, suddenly remembering what his great uncle had told himself the other day, that his parents had bought a set of antique books in an antique shop in New York back then, and that set of books was the Preface to the Nine Metaphysical Scriptures.

Combined with the antique shop on the photo, Ye Chen suddenly remembered something and said to Lin Wan’er, “This is most likely the antique shop where my father bought the Preface to the Nine Xuan Scriptures!”

Lin Wan’er was also surprised, and hurriedly said, “There must be an inevitable connection between the Preface of the Nine Xuan Scriptures and the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, Your Excellency obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures by chance in an antique shop in Jinling, and your father obtained the Preface of the Nine Xuan Scriptures in an antique shop in New York back in the day, so there must be more than just a coincidence between the two!”

Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “The world is so big, it’s unlikely that two incredibly mysterious scriptures would fall into the hands of a father and son respectively, and that’s separated by twenty years as well as half a globe ……”

Saying that, Ye Chen hurriedly looked down again.

The second photo in the lower left corner was a group photo of Ye Chen’s father, Ye Changliang, and a young man who was a little younger than him, in front of this antique shop.

In the photo, the two of them were resting on each other’s backs, while the other hand was simultaneously giving a thumbs up towards the camera.

Lin Wan’er pointed at the person beside Ye Chen’s father and asked Ye Chen, “Does Gongzi know this person?”

Ye Chen shook his head, “Don’t know him.”

Lin Wan’er said, “It looks like he’s very close to Gongzi’s father, Gongzi hadn’t seen him when he was young?”

“No.” Ye Chen said with certainty, “This person, I really haven’t seen him as far as I can remember.”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at the person’s appearance, and suddenly frowned, saying, “Strange …… photo of this person, I really haven’t seen him when I was small, at the very least, before my parents and I left Yanjing, I definitely haven’t seen such a person, but . . but this person looks as if he is a little bit familiar, but I can’t think clearly for a moment exactly where I have seen him.”

Lin Wan’er thought for a moment and said seriously, “Looking familiar won’t be for no reason, it’s possible that Gongzi hasn’t seen him but has met his relatives, so he will feel that his appearance is more familiar, it’s also possible that Gongzi has indeed seen him, but when Gongzi saw him, his appearance compared to the one in the photo, has undergone a relatively big change, for example, he may have become fatter, balder, become mature, or even become pale.”

Ye Chen said approvingly, “What you said is indeed possible, but I can’t really think of any clear clues at the moment.”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lower lip and asked Ye Chen, “Can your slave take out the photo and take a look? Perhaps something will be written on the back of the photo, people in the past who took photos had the habit of writing on the back of the photo as a souvenir.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Okay, you take it out.”

Lin Wan’er carefully pulled out this photo, then glanced at the back of he it, and said in surprise, “My lord, there are indeed words written on the back of this photo paper!”

Ye Chen took it over and took a look, on the back of the white photo paper with the Kodak logo, there was a line written in pen, “inqueenswithchou, 12.11”