Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5941

Hearing Lin Wan Er’s words, Ye Chen subconsciously looked at the black photo album in her hand.

As soon as he entered his eyes, he could tell that the album was already old.

In the recent decade or so, with the rapid development of smartphones, the general public had also unconsciously digitised all their image data, and few people would buy albums of different sizes and thicknesses and put all their photos into the albums to sort them out like they did twenty years ago.

Ye Chen did not know what exactly was in this album, so he took the album from Lin Wan’er and carefully opened the first page.

The first thing that caught his eyes on the first page was a single photo of two young people in front of the Statue of Liberty in the United States.

The man in the photo was very similar in appearance to Ye Chen, but he was dressed in a relatively retro style, wearing the unique knitwear and white jeans of that era, and this was Ye Chen’s father, Ye Changliang;

The woman in the photo looked about twenty-two or twenty-three years old, she had a slender figure, wore a light beige long trench coat, and had a head of curly hair that was very fashionable at that time, and even now is no less fashionable, and the hem of the coat and her hair drifted with the wind at the same time, making her look beautiful and valiant.

Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but sigh, “Your son’s mother is really beautiful ……”

Ye Chen gently nodded, then jokingly asked, “Have you never seen my mother before? She seemed to be quite well-known in those days.”

Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “I once searched for Gongzi’s mother’s biography, and it is indeed remarkable, and has an unrivalled popularity in the field of technology, finance, and venture capital twenty to thirty years ago ……”

Said Lin Wan Er sighed lightly, said: “In fact, the slave’s life trajectory, and the son’s mother is just the opposite, the son’s mother is in the Silicon Valley as well as the Internet after the big splash, seized the moment, became the trend setter in people’s mouths, but the slave is in the rise of the Internet after the rise of the Internet, worried about Wu Fei Yan’s access to information to take advantage of the momentum of this rapid increase, it is almost no longer with the the outside world, so it just happened to be staggered.”

Ye Chen nodded with understanding, and then turned to the second page of the album.

On the second page of the album, there was then a photo of the two parents together.

Still with the Statue of Liberty as the background, Ye Changliang stood upright, and on the side, An Chengqi snuggled up to him in a bird-like manner, stretching out her hands to embrace him, while Ye Changliang also stretched out an arm to wrap An Chengqi in a hug.

This page opens to the left and right four photos, are the two people together, four photos or upright, or playful, or quirky, but it can be seen, each photo on the two people, the eyes are each other, very loving.

As Lin Wan Er looked on, she couldn’t help but sigh, “Gongzi’s parents must have a very good relationship, it’s really enviable.”

Ye Chen nodded, “These should be photos from their love period, in fact they were also so in love after I remembered, they never quarrelled, even if there was a disagreement, one of them would quickly give in before things got out of hand.”

Lin Wan Er curiously asked, “Then who would usually be the first to make concessions?”

Ye Chen thought for a moment and said, “It doesn’t seem to be particularly clear who will make concessions first, the two of them have always had a tacit understanding in life, and have always been able to judge each other’s level of adherence to a certain matter very well, and if they feel that the other party is more adamant than they are about this matter, one of them will give in appropriately.”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t help but sigh, “Two people are able to balance each other out whenever they want, this kind of relationship is really rare.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and turned over the third page of the album again.