Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5940

  Ye Chen had lived here for several years, and was quite familiar with the overall layout of the place, plus the fact that there were almost no noticeable changes here, so it was easier to differentiate.

When he came to the main hall, the furniture and furnishings inside were still generally the same as when his parents had taken him away back then.

Ye Chen’s mind instantly conjured up images of when he was young and living here with his parents, and he immediately had mixed feelings.

Afterwards, he took Lin Wan’er on a horseback walk to go through these rooms first.

The main hall, the bedroom, apart from the furniture, there were also some prepared bedding and pillows, but it was clearly evident that they were newly changed.

In this way, the main hall and the bedroom lost the value of finding clues.

So Ye Chen focused his energy on the study.

The area of this quadrangle compartment converted study was not very large, almost nearly 30 square metres, but this was made with three whole walls of bookshelves, collecting a large number of books.

Even twenty years later on the bookshelves of the study, there are still quite a few books left behind by Ye Changwei and An Chengjing back in the day, which were all the favourites of Ye Changwei’s husband and wife who were inconvenient to bring away from the glasses in the first place.

Ye Chen took a rough look and found that although the collection of books in here was very large, there were roughly only three classifications.

One of the classifications was finance and management, most of these were related insights written by some of the world’s leading economists as well as financial practitioners, while another classification, was history and biographies, and the third classification was I Ching and Bagua.

Ye Chen didn’t know much about it when he was small, so every time he came to his parents’ study to look for books, his eyes only stared at those interesting history books, and basically didn’t look at any of the other books.

And it was only today that he realised, as an afterthought, that his parents had started studying I Ching and Bagua a long time ago.

Lin Wan’er also looked at these collections of books roughly once, and then she lamented to Ye Chen, “Gongzi, your parents have almost collected the best books on I Ching Bagua in this world, and a few of them are even out-of-print from hundreds of years ago, so it seems that they have very deep dabbling and research on I Ching Bagua and the secret art of Feng Shui.”

Ye Chen nodded somewhat absentmindedly, at this moment, what came to his mind was how to quickly go through the entirety of these books.

So he searched carefully on the bookshelves, wanting to see if there were any traces left inside these hidden books, but nay, there were too many hidden books, even if he were to look at them in a walk, it would be impossible to read all of them in a moment’s time.

As he flipped through the books, he said to Lin Wan’er, “With so many books, it seems like it will take at least a few days to sort through them.”

Lin Wan’er smiled faintly and said, “It doesn’t matter if it takes a few days, just comb through it slowly, and if you don’t mind, your slave will always accompany you here to collect it.”

Ye Chen said, “Then let’s take a look at this batch of I Ching and Bagua books first, both of my parents have been exposed to cultivation, I think there should be notes left by them inside the I Ching and Bagua books.”

Lin Wan’er nodded her head and asked him, “Your Excellency, my slave would also like to share your worries, I just don’t know if your Excellency is willing to have my slave’s help.”

Ye Chen said, “Since Miss Lin doesn’t have anything else to do, let’s help me rummage around together, and if you see anything that feels more suspicious, let me know at the first opportunity.

“No problem!” Lin Wan’er happily and readily agreed, and then took a book from the bookshelf and carefully flipped through the pages in her own hands, as a way to quickly look for things that could possibly be clipped in the book as well as notes left on the book.

However, after reading many books in a row, neither of them could find anything that could catch their eyes.

Just when Ye Chen did not know where to start, Lin Wan’er suddenly took out a black affair that was about the same size as the book from the bookshelf, then she flipped it open and looked at it for a few moments, and said in surprise, “My lord, there is a photo album here!”