Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5939

An Chengjing used to be very worried about the moulding of Ye Chen’s personality, character as well as his three views as he grew up.

As a mother, she naturally wished to always give Ye Chen the best education, the best environment, and the best guidance.

But in reality, she could only silently watch Ye Chen grow up with other children in the orphanage, and could only silently watch Ye Chen drop out of high school and go to work in a construction site, but could not intervene in any way.

Once upon a time, she was also worried that Ye Chen’s outlook would be distorted, too mercenary and marketable in that environment, but fortunately Ye Chen had found a good middle ground for his outlook between his early childhood as a young master of a wealthy family, and his later status as a poor orphan.

This allowed him to not only maintain a normal outlook and a proper sense of justice, but at the same time allowed him to circumvent his father’s overly harsh self-moral standards.

In other words.

This, to a certain extent, greatly compensated for Ye Changwei’s character shortcomings.

As in the case of the position of the Ye family head.

Normal succession process, should wait for the old man Ye Zhongquan decided to retire, by Ye Zhongquan personally point out who inherited, other children have objections, must find a way to let the old man to change his mind, the heart is more ruthless, may also want to find a way to get rid of the original heir, and then their own to the throne.

This is true for today’s rich families, as well as for ancient princes and generals.

But Ye Chen is not with the Ye family to this set of people.

Not only did he not go through the traditional process, he didn’t even say hello to the Ye family when he helped himself to the throne.

He just lightly told Wan Baojun in front of the Ye family that he had just taken over the Ye family’s large and small affairs, and was just short of manpower, and that since Wan Baojun wanted to return to himself, he would have to pledge allegiance to himself.

In one sentence, not only did he subdue the entire Wan Long Hall, but he also directly told everyone that he was already the head of the Ye Family, not giving the Ye Family any chance to react or consider at all, and he didn’t even bother to personally say his decision to them, but instead, he directly said that the result would be given to a third party, so that they could just listen from the sidelines.

But precisely is so unruly, do not talk about respect for the tough way, let Ye Chen completely without any obstruction, directly sat in the position of the Ye family head, Ye Zhongquan again do not want to give up that position, also can only obediently get up, abdicate to make way for the virtuous.

When An Chengqi heard about this from Tang Sihai, she was so excited that she didn’t sleep for the whole night.

The Ye family’s assets, An Chengqi has never looked at, but the position of the Ye family head is a knot in her heart.

Back then, everyone knew that her husband was the most suitable for this position, but the Ye family up and down all were playing dumb, so her husband until his death, but also did not really become the leader of the Ye family.

This matter, An Chengqi has always been for their own husband.

And this knot in her heart, after twenty years, was finally opened by Ye Chen easily, which made An Chengqi incomparably pleased.

It also made her look forward to Ye Chen’s future even more.


At the same time.

Ye family’s old mansion.

After Ye Chen accompanied the old man to eat, he said to the old man and Tang Sihai with some impatience, “Grandpa, Butler Tang, you guys eat first, I’m going to take a look at Mom and Dad’s room.”

Tang Sihai respectfully asked, “Young master, do you need my subordinate to accompany you?”

“No need.” Ye Chen waved his hand and said, “I’ll go with Xiao Wan, you guys don’t need to mind us.”

Lin Wan Er also stood up and politely said, “Grandpa Ye, Butler Tang, you guys eat first.”

After saying that, she followed Ye Chen out of the restaurant and headed to the compound where Ye Chen’s parents lived back then.

Due to the large size of this quadrangle compound, when Ye Chen’s parents were here, they had four connected rooms, and apart from a main hall, a bedroom, there was also a study room, as well as Ye Chen’s own room.

In layman’s terms, it was a set of three bedrooms and one living room.