Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5938

  Seeing her alone and despondent in the courtyard, the False Master went forward and respectfully asked, “Madam is only a few streets away from the young master at the moment, so she must be very eager to see the young master, right?”

An Chengqi nodded, “One’s own son, how can one not miss it when one hasn’t seen him for twenty years.”

Saying that, An Chengjing added: “But thinking about it, right now is not the time to meet with Chen’er, besides, today is not the closest I’ve been to Chen’er, some time ago, during Nui Nui’s concert in New York, I was sitting on the bleachers, and Chen’er and Xiao Churan were in the box above my head, and that’s the closest I’ve been to Chen’er in the past twenty years. ”

False Master Tai couldn’t help but feel emotional: “That time subordinate was really afraid …… your parents and younger siblings were all on the scene, the slightest mistake, there is the possibility of a tragedy ……”

An Chengqi smiled slightly and asked her, “Were you worried that Chen’er wouldn’t make a move at that time?”

The False Master pondered for a moment and nodded, “My subordinate was slightly worried at that time, because you said that the young master seemed to have some preconceived notions about your parents, and before that, the young master had only given Miss Gu the elixir that could save your father’s life, but did not give her the elixir that could cure your father along with it, so my subordinate was afraid that in case the young master had a little bit of a struggle and hesitation at that time, he might not be able to make it in time, and then We would have to strike in the shortest possible time, but if the young master didn’t strike in the first place, we would have missed the best time, and I’m afraid that casualties would have been unavoidable.”

An Chengjing seriously said, “Although Changluo arranged a safe environment for Chen’er back then, he didn’t arrange any privileges for him, he was struggling in the mud of Jinling for almost twenty years, so he does have some misbehaviour and banditry in him at times, and his means of punishing some evil people is often a few points more than the evil people, but I still understand his character very well, and in matters like this, the Chen’er will definitely be the first to step in even if he has more misunderstandings and dissatisfaction in his heart.”

Said, An Chengqi faintly smiled, said with a gratified face: “In fact, I rather like Chen’er’s body of banditry, love and hate clearly and rarely subject to the constraints of others;”

“Chang Ying was lacking a bit of banditry back then, always restraining himself with high moral standards, which is why he was constrained by himself everywhere;”

“Chen’er was different, he never morally kidnapped himself;”

“So what if my own grandfather is critically ill? With a disconnect in his heart, at most saving his life, this is already considered to be benevolent and righteous, anything more would naturally be gone;”

“The same thing, if it were Chang Tassel, he would rather swallow flies himself and cure my father’s illness in one step.”

The False Master said approvingly, “Young Master Chang Tassel seeks to convince people with virtue, while Young Master Chen is ‘if people respect me a foot, I respect them a foot; if people destroy me a corn, I take away three buckets from them’.”

An Chengqi nodded and said, “This is what I appreciate most about Chen’er, Chang Tassel gave so much for the Ye family back then, the one who is most qualified and deserving to succeed as the Ye family’s head is him;”

With that, An Chengjing turned his words around and added, “Unfortunately, my father-in-law was self-conscious of his strength and was unwilling to release his power to him early, and Changying was also unwilling to take away his elder brother Ye Changkong’s right to succeed as the first-born son, so we all didn’t say a word to each other, and he has never been able to become the head of the Ye family;”

“But on the contrary, Chen’er doesn’t have so many worries.”

“So what if Ye Changkong is his eldest uncle? If he should kneel on Ye Ling Mountain, he must kneel, so what if Ye Changmin is his aunt? Should he be under house arrest in the middle village of Jinling City, he won’t be able to come out for a moment;”

“So what if my father-in-law is unwilling to release his power? This matter is not at all by his willingness or unwillingness, chen’er himself can help himself to the throne, this thing chen’er do deep in my heart!”

“Who says that the previous head of the family must agree to be the head of the family? To put it another way, as long as he doesn’t dare to object, wouldn’t that be enough?”