Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5934

  Yonghe Palace has a long history and is the most prosperous temple in Yanjing.

  And An Chengjing has an exclusive courtyard here.

  It was this mansion that she was referring to when she asked Tang Sihai to meet her at the Yonghe Palace.

  As the old saying goes, a small hideaway is in the wild, a large hideaway is in the city, who would have thought that An Chengqi’s residence in Yanjing would be in the middle of the largest temple in the city centre with the highest traffic flow.

  When An Chengqi arrived at the mansion, Tang Sihai had already arrived early.

  At the moment, he was waiting in the centre hall of the courtyard.

  Seeing An Chengqi and the fake master and mistress come in together, he hurriedly greeted him at the door and said respectfully, “Madam, Sister Sun!”

  An Chengqi nodded slightly, pointing to the chairs in the hall, and said to him, “Sit down Fourth Sea.”

  Tang Sihai bowed and said, “Thank you, madam.”

  An Chengqi waved her hand and sat down at the main seat in the centre hall, and the false master wearing a hat stood beside her.

  Although the fake mistress was still wearing the hat, Tang Sihai could still tell that she had shaved her hair and asked in horror, “Sister Sun, what are you ……”

  The False Master Tai smiled faintly, casually removing her hat, and spoke, “I made a cameo appearance as a Master Tai in the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains today.”

  Tang Sihai busily asked, “Sister Sun have you met the young master? Does the young master still have an impression of you? Don’t let the young master get suspicious!”

  The False Master shook her head, “Don’t worry, I didn’t meet with the young master directly.”

  ”That’s good!” Tang Sihai nodded, and respectfully asked An Chengjing, “By the way madam, you haven’t been back to Yanjing for a long time, in the past, as long as the young master was there, you would never go, why did you come to Yanjing around the same time as the young master today?”

  An Chengyi faintly said, “I asked Sister Sun to stop Chen’er in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, I originally wanted to come to Yanjing for a stopover before going to Jinling to do something, but I didn’t think that Chen’er would suddenly change course to come to Yanjing, so I temporarily changed my plans.”

  Tang Sihai asked with some surprise, “Madam have you seen the young master now?”

  ”No.” An Chengqi shook her head and said, “When I was closest to Chen’er, I was only two miles away, but he is now so strong that I didn’t even dare to look at him from afar.”

  Tang Sihai busily asked, “Ma’am, are you still not planning to meet with the young master?”

  An Chengqi looked grave, and said in a firm tone, “Right now is not the time, Wu Feiyan wanted to exterminate the An family twice some time ago, she must have already suspected that I am still alive, and wanted to use this to test whether I am still alive or not, and if I am still alive, she will use this to force me to show up, if it wasn’t for the fact that both times I have had Chen’er’s opportune and secret help, I am afraid that I would have already failed to hide, and I am afraid that I could not hide any longer. These two times I have survived, right now I can’t say anything too impulsive.”

  Tang Sihai asked, “Madam, the young master suddenly changed his mind about coming to Yanjing and going to the old mansion, could it be that he has already noticed something?”

  An Chengqi shook her head and said, “It shouldn’t be, I surmise that Chen’er’s probability is that he’s a bit lost at the moment, so he wants to come to Yanjing and go to the old mansion to find some guidance.”

  Tang Sihai asked, “Madam, then what are your plans for staying in Yanjing this time?”

  An Chengqi said, “I don’t have any plans, I just have something for you, you help me put it back in the Ye family’s old mansion before Chen’er arrives in Yanjing, I’ll be leaving for Jinling early tomorrow morning.”

  Saying that, An Chengqi nodded his head slightly to that fake master teacher.

  Immediately, the fake mistress took out a sixteen-open old-fashioned photo album from her handbag, and handed it to Tang Sihai.

  When Tang Sihai got the album, he didn’t dare to open it directly, but asked An Chengjing, “Does madam want me to put this album back in the old mansion?”

  ”Right.” An Chengqi nodded and sighed, “It’s been twenty years, it’s time to gradually let Chen’er know about some dusty past events!”