Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5933

The False Master was not surprised by Tang Sihai’s words and spoke, “Butler Tang, what you said has been guessed by Madam, that’s why she asked you to come to Yonghe Palace for an interview, are you able to turn up in time?”

  ”Turn over.” Tang Sihai busily said, “Young master is used to acting in a low-profile manner, he won’t let me go to the airport to pick him up, I just need to wait for him at the old mansion, the old mansion is very close to the Yonghe Palace, there is plenty of time.”

  ”That’s good.” False Master then said, “Then let’s meet at Yonghe Palace in an hour.”

  Tang Sihai said respectfully, “Subordinate obeys!”

  When Fake Master Tai hung up the phone, she reported to that madam, “Madam, Butler Tang said that young master is going to the old mansion in the evening.”

  The middle-aged woman was slightly stunned, a pair of stunningly beautiful eyes with fine corners of the eyes lines slightly misted up.

  Immediately, she held back her tears and smiled in relief, “Chen’er has been away from there for so many years, it’s time for him to go back and have a look, it’s just that I, as a mother, have been away from him for twenty years, yet I still can’t meet him.”

  This middle-aged woman was Ye Chen’s mother, the legendary Chinese businessman, An Chengqi.

  For the past twenty years, no one knew that she was still alive in this world except for An Chengqi’s inner circle.

  Even Ye Chen, who was the closest to her, and all the members of the An family, none of them knew that she had been alive.

  Seeing that she was feeling a little sad, the fake master teacher hurriedly said in relief, “Madam, although you haven’t met with the young master for so many years, you have also been exhausting your efforts for the young master, when the time is ripe in the future and you meet with the young master to clarify everything, the young master will surely not blame you.”

  An Chengqi let out a bitter smile and muttered, “After Chang Ying left, I have been looking forward to avenging him, looking forward to Chen’er’s encounter with the wind and turning into a dragon, but I never thought that everything that Chang Ying and I had worked so hard for would almost push Chen’er into the abyss of doom and ruin, and to this day, I don’t know if what Chang Ying and I had worked hard for back in the day, as well as what I have been doing in these twenty years, was right or wrong. “

  The False Master’s expression was unwavering as she said, “Madam, please forgive me for speaking out of turn, although young master’s life has been full of misfortunes and disappointments over the past twenty years, young master Chang Ying has been a visionary and a strategist his whole life, and his decisions are bound to have been well thought out, and even though there have been some changes in the process that were beyond his expectations, young master Chang Ying’s decision back then was definitely the best one for you, for young master! Young Master!”

  An Chengqi nodded gently, and said with certainty, “You’re right, Changluo sacrificed himself to protect me and Chen’er back then, and used himself to build a bridge and pave the way for Chen’er, so Chen’er will surely not fail to live up to his expectations.”

  Said, An Chengqi some lost in thought looking out the window, twenty years ago all sorts of things, such as a slide show, in her brain in the middle of the rapid flash ……

  At this time, the plane had already taxied to the closed hangar by the far plane slot of Yanjing Airport.

  Hangar door in the aircraft from the hangar is only more than a hundred metres away when slowly opened to the left and right sides, at this time in the hangar, also parked three of the same type of private aircraft, as well as a few inconspicuous Red Flag h9 car, a group of staff dressed in aircraft uniforms have long waited for a long time in this.

  Originally, An Chengqi was going to complete the aircraft change here, and then turn around and fly south to Jinling.

  But because Ye Chen suddenly changed his flight to Yanjing, after she got off the plane, she directly got into one of the Red Flag sedans, and then the fleet immediately drove out from the hangar, left the airport from the VIP channel, and went straight to the Yonghe Palace.