Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5932

  Ye Chen asked her, “Is Miss Lin in a hurry to return to Jinling?”

Lin Wan Er shook her head and said, “My slave is not in a hurry, the main thing that keeps my slave tied up in Jinling is the mother of Pu Tea, but my slave watered it before she left the house, and it rained in Jinling yesterday, so I think that it does not need any extra tending.”

Ye Chen said without thinking, “Then I will work hard for Miss Lin to accompany me on a trip to Yanjing.”

Seeing Ye Chen inviting herself to go with him, Lin Wan’er’s heart was a burst of joy, and she hurriedly said, “My slave is at your command in everything!”

Ten minutes later, the plane that Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er were travelling on, received permission to change its route.

The plane shifted thirty degrees to the north in the air and flew towards Yanjing.

And Ye Chen also used the satellite phone on the plane to call the Ye family’s housekeeper, Tang Sihai.

The phone was connected, and Tang Sihai’s voice came out, “Hello, who is it please?”

Ye Chen spoke, “Butler Tang, it’s me.”

Tang Sihai said respectfully, “Young Master, I see that this phone is a satellite phone from the Ye Family’s plane, are you on the plane?”

“Right.” Ye Chen said, “I’m on my way to Yanjing, I’ll land in about two hours, it’s hard for you to arrange for a vehicle to pick me up at the airport.”

Tang Sihai busily said, “Okay young master, I will arrange a fleet of vehicles and personally pick you up at the airport then, in addition to informing the old master and the others.”

Ye Chen said, “There is no need to make a fuss, you are the Ye family’s head butler, it is too ostentatious for you to pick me up, so you don’t need to come over personally, just arrange for a car to be parked at the airport for my convenience, I want to go to the Ye family’s old mansion, so just inform the old master, and other people don’t need to be notified.”

Tang Sihai said without thinking, “Okay young master, I’ll inform the old master, are you staying at the old mansion at night? Or are you staying back at the manor?”

Ye Chen hmmmed and said, “Just stay at the old mansion, prepare two guest rooms, I have a friend with me.”

Tang Sihai respectfully said, “Alright! What else do you command, young master?”

Ye Chen said, “No more, that’s all.”

Tang Sihai said, “Alright young master, I’ll wait for you at the old mansion.”


At the same time.

The plane that had taken off earlier had already landed at Yanjing Airport.

The wheels of the aircraft had just touched the ground, and the fake mistress from earlier immediately reported to the middle-aged beauty, “Madam, their plane changed direction in the air, and according to the information from the air traffic control side, they temporarily changed their route and flew to Yanjing instead.”

“Flying to Yanjing?” The madam frowned and muttered, “Why did they suddenly change their route in the air?”

The False Master asked in a rush, “Could it be that we’ve been exposed?”

Madame pondered for a moment and said gruffly, “Exposure shouldn’t be, all the surveillance on the return journey has been done to circumvent it, no one can trace our route from Qingzhaoan to Yongzhou Airport.”

Saying that, she suddenly remembered something and spoke, “It is estimated that they are going to the Ye family’s old mansion!”

After saying that, she hurriedly asked, “Is Tang Sihai in Yanjing?”

The False Master said, “My subordinate hasn’t liaised with Butler Tang recently, ma’am wait a moment, my subordinate will confirm with him.”

After saying that, she immediately took out her mobile phone and called Tang Sihai.

As soon as the call was made, Tang Sihai’s cautious voice came over, his voice was low and very respectful as he asked, “Sister Sun, why are you suddenly calling me?”

The False Master spoke, “Butler Tang, Madam asked me to ask if you’re in Yanjing at the moment.”

“Subordinate is!” Tang Sihai busily said, “I wonder what Madam wants?”

False Master Tai said, “Butler Tang wait a moment.”

After speaking, she looked towards the middle-aged woman and spoke, “Madam, Butler Tang is in Yanjing at the moment.”

The madam nodded and said, “Good, change the itinerary later, we won’t go to Jinling first today, we’ll go to Yonghe Palace immediately after we get off the plane, and tell Butler Tang to meet me at Yonghe Palace in an hour.”

False Master said respectfully, “Subordinate obeys!”

After saying that, she asked Tang Sihai on the phone, “Butler Tang has heard everything, right?”

Tang Sihai said extremely respectfully, “My subordinate has heard!”

After saying that, Tang Sihai gave a slight beat and lowered his voice, “Sister Sun, please convey to Madam that Young Master is already on his way to Yanjing!”