Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5931

In Ye Chen’s mind, opening the Mud Palace was already his immediate priority.

Not to mention what is hidden in the 100,000 mountains, what kind of flooding beasts, just one Wu Feiyan alone, is already making him feel out of his depth.

Now, although Wu Feiyan had temporarily retreated, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t make a comeback in the future.

What’s more, she was his undying enemy, even if she didn’t come to China again in the future, he would still have to go and find her to take revenge, so he had to find the opportunity and open the Mud Pill Palace as soon as possible.

Thus, he opened his mouth and said to Lin Wan’er beside him, “Once I have settled things in Jinling, I will find an opportunity to go out and see more.”

Lin Wan’er asked, “Does Your Excellency have an approximate direction?”

Ye Chen shook his head, “Since I’m looking for opportunities, it’s logical that I should be more casual and go wherever I think of.”

Saying that, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh, “But the more so, the more I don’t know where to start, after all, I have a family and a business, and there are quite a number of people following me in Jinling, so it’s not possible to play evaporate when I’ve scattered, the only reasonable and feasible solution is to go to only one place at a time, and then go back to Jinling afterwards, and then prepare for the next trip.”

Lin Wan’er can’t help but sigh: “Just the gentleman’s destiny is too high, the slave can’t divine and tell the fortune for the gentleman, everything can only be the gentleman’s own decision.”

Ye Chen touched the string in his hand, suddenly brightened up and spoke, “I want to go to Yanjing first!”

Lin Wan’er asked him, “Your Excellency intends to go to Yanjing to find a chance?”

“Not really.” Ye Chen explained, “My parents left Yanjing with me in a hurry back then, and many of their personal belongings they didn’t have the time to bring with them, so I want to go to the Ye Family’s old mansion to sort out my parents’ relics, and see what places they travelled to back then, and if there’s any I’ve never been to before, then I’ll go to take a look at them.”

Saying that, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh, “Suddenly mentioning that I want to go and look for the chance, I was confused, but I only realised after I met Grandpa’s family that my parents had long been involved with the Nine Metaphysical Heavenly Scriptures, so if I can follow the path my parents had travelled, perhaps their spirits in heaven will be able to give me some hints as well.”

Lin Wan’er nodded approvingly, “Gongzi’s parents must have had very legendary experiences back then as well, if we follow their footsteps, we will definitely gain something.”

Ye Chen said, “Ever since my parents’ accident, I haven’t returned to the Ye Family’s old mansion for nearly twenty years, and although I returned to the Ye Family later during the Ye Family Ancestor Sacrifice Ceremony, I was in a hurry that time, and coupled with the fact that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had killed the door to the house, I never had the chance to go to the old mansion to properly sort out my parents’ relics, and at that time, I hadn’t thought of the idea that my parents would be related to cultivation, or the Nine Mysteries Heavenly Scripture. Now it seems that it might have all started from them, I’ll go back and take a look, maybe I’ll be able to get something out of it.”

The Ye family had been living in an old mansion near the Imperial City decades ago.

It was a set of four courtyards with a large area, and although it was tucked away in the middle of the downtown area, it also had a different kind of quietness.

The Ye family’s long-time friend, the Gu family, the old house is not far away from the Imperial City, Ye Chen was young, the two families live close to each other, but also frequent exchanges.

Hearing this, Lin Wan’er also felt that Ye Chen’s decision was very reasonable, at the moment he did not know where the road was, his parents’ spirits in heaven might be able to give him guidance.

Thinking back to the old mansion where he lived in his childhood, Ye Chen was very nostalgic in his heart, and could not help but say to Lin Wan’er with some excitement, “I’ll notify the captain of the plane, and after I send you to Jinling, I’ll fly directly to Yanjing!”

Lin Wan’er hurriedly said, “If you are in a hurry, you can directly ask the captain to change the route and fly directly to Yanjing.”

After saying that, she hurriedly added, “If you feel that it is inconvenient for me to travel with you, I can return to Jinling by myself after arriving in Yanjing, so if you are in the middle of your business, you shouldn’t be delayed in Jinling.”