Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5928

When Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er arrived at the Yongzhou Airport, a private jet just happened to take off from Yongzhou Airport, heading to Yanjing.

  Every day, there were many private jets, as well as business jets from leasing companies, that flew to the capital city of Yanjing from provincial capitals all over the world, so this plane did not attract any special attention.

  The Ye family’s Gulfstream aircraft had also been waiting here for a long time, and after Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er had gone through the security check and boarded the plane without any problems, the captain of the plane immediately applied to the tower to take off and head to Jinling.

  When the plane took off, Ye Chen was still twirling the string made of incense, and after the silence of the take-off and climb phase, Ye Chen suddenly opened his mouth and asked Lin Wan’er, “Miss Lin, the master teacher you met today, apart from persuading me to turn back, did she say when I would be able to enter the 100,000 Mountains again?”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “That master teacher only said that the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains were too dangerous, and that you should not go there by any means, but did not say when you could go there again, perhaps, just to be on the safe side, you should not even go there again in the future.”

  ”Why?” Ye Chen muttered, “She said that there is danger there, but the danger is even higher, there is also a limit, now that my strength is not good, it is like a mountain of swords and fire to me, in the future, if my strength is refined, it may be like walking on the ground to me.”

  Lin Wan’er said with certainty, “Gongzi, my slave feels that Gongzi should not move to return to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains for a long time in the future, instead of wasting your attention on the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, Gongzi should think about how you can find the opportunity to break through and open the Mud Pill Palace completely.”

  Ye Chen asked rhetorically, “After the Mud Pill Palace opens, can I return to the 100,000 Great Mountains again?”

  Lin Wan Er shook her head, “I think that even if the Mud Pill Palace is opened, I can’t go back, because if you open the Mud Pill Palace, you barely have the qualifications to fight with Wu Fei Yan, and the chances of winning are extremely low, if you want to go back to the Great Mountain of 100,000 Mountains, you have to at least surpass Wu Fei Yan before you can do so.”

  In Lin Wan’er’s opinion, although that Master Tai was a fake, the words she said must be true.

  Ye Chen couldn’t go to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, it was highly likely that Meng Changsheng had some plot that had been brewing for hundreds of years waiting for him.

  Perhaps Meng Changsheng was really like the Mother of Pu Cha, who had found another way to make himself escape the Heavenly Dao of the End of Life, or perhaps he was waiting for a chance to be reborn, just like the Mother of Pu Cha.

  Or perhaps, the key to his rebirth was in Ye Chen.

  However, unlike the Mother of Pu Cha, the rebirth of the Mother of Pu Cha required the help of Ye Chen’s Heavenly Thunder, and after it was reborn, it would also be used by Ye Chen.

  But Meng Changsheng would never be as passive as the Mother of Pu Cha, he had already lived for a thousand years, and had made every effort to leave himself the opportunity to be reborn, and would never allow himself to be reduced to another person’s tool, or a companion.