Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5926

Two people from the Qingzhao nunnery down, Ye Chen has been that incense string in the hands, he would like to know the other side to leave this string meaning, but after thinking about it still can not be understood.

For the time being, according to Lin Wan Er said, this string of twenty-eight beads represents his current age, the other side will wear twenty-eight into a string, and know that Lin Wan Er will detect abnormalities, back to the Qingzhao nunnery to find out, but also intentionally leave this string to himself, and what is the message he wants to convey to himself?

In doubt, the two of them descended the mountain, once again boarding the return mountain road.

When they came up the mountain again, they happened to meet a few local old ladies, a few people travelling in pairs, are walking slowly down from the mountain, each of them is carrying a basket made of vines, and in the basket, they also put a lot of joss oil, paper money, as well as incense made of clay.

Seeing this, Lin Wan’er went forward and politely asked, “Where are the several grannies going?”

One of the old ladies spoke up, “I heard that the Qingzhao nunnery has reopened, so we are going to the Qingzhao nunnery to worship Buddha and burn incense.”

Lin Wan’er asked curiously, “Has Qingzhao Nunnery been closed for a long time?”

The old lady nodded, “It hasn’t been opened for almost ten or twenty years, there are fewer and fewer people in the mountains, and the temple doesn’t have much incense, the previous nuns have all left, and yesterday I heard people in the village say that new nuns have come, so we’ll go together to pay our respects.”

Lin Wan’er quickly said, “You few should not go, the new nuns from Qingzhao nunnery have also left.”

“Gone again?” A few old ladies’ faces showed their loss, “It’s only been here for a few days why did she leave?”

Lin Wan’er said, “Maybe they also think there’s not much incense here.”

Several old ladies were a bit disillusioned, and for a while, they were a bit indecisive.

One of the old ladies spoke up, “The nuns are gone, but the statue of Buddha is still here, we’ve come this far, why don’t we go and offer some incense!”

The other few old ladies thought that this was indeed the case, so they agreed.

Lin Wan’er saw that several people were devout in worshipping the Buddha, so she didn’t persuade them any further, and instructed, “Then you several pay attention to safety, we’ll leave first.”

After bidding farewell to the several old ladies, Lin Wan’er said to Ye Chen, “It seems that they came to Qingzhao nunnery on a temporary basis, and most likely only arrived yesterday.”

Ye Chen said approvingly, “It’s likely that they sensed that we were here, or that Wu Fei Yan was here, so they came over in advance to prepare.”

Saying this, Ye Chen added, “What’s certain now is that they know us as well as Wu Fei Yan very well, and perhaps they are monitoring us with some sort of means at this very moment.”

Lin Wan’er sighed and said helplessly, “One mountain is even higher than the other, in the future, if we have the chance to meet their behind-the-scenes person in charge, we must humbly ask her for advice.”


At this moment.

On the highway leading from the Hundred Thousand Mountains to the outside world, three unremarkable Buick commercial vehicles were travelling smoothly on the road.

These cars, all of which had the licence plate of Spring City, the capital of Yunnan Province, belonged to a car rental company that was very well-known in China.

Buick business in China can be regarded as the most household name of the ordinary mpv models, the market retains a large number, and its own positioning is relatively popular, so no matter where to see, will not feel eye-catching, very low-profile, and no one will take this car with the people, and the rich and powerful associated together.

However, these three Buick business, in addition to the car label is still Buick, the other has nothing to do with Buick, the vehicle has undergone a systematic transformation, power, security, privacy, comfort, have had a qualitative change.

At this time, in the second Buick commercial vehicle, the one who drove the car was the young nun who had stopped Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er at the bottom of the mountain before, and the one who was sitting on the co-pilot was the elderly senior master.