Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5924

Looking at the three sandalwood joss sticks that were about to burn out, Lin Wan’er looked frustrated.

She said to Ye Chen in a somewhat dazed manner, “Even we can calculate that we will kill a horseback, what exactly are they ……”

Ye Chen shook his head, “Can’t figure it out, this feeling, it’s like being turned on God’s perspective.”

Saying that, he walked through the main hall and was about to go to the backyard to find out what was going on when he was attracted by a wooden door at the side and back of the main hall.

He carefully pushed open this door and found that inside was a small room of almost five or six square metres.

Ye Chen briefly scanned the room and found that there seemed to be nothing else in the room other than a simple wooden chair and a small wooden table that was less than half a metre wide.

And inside the room, there was a special aroma that came out, making people feel refreshed.

When Ye Chen took a closer look, he saw that on top of the small wooden table, there was a string of strings that was almost the same colour as the wooden table.

That string consisted of wooden round beads with a diameter of about one centimetre, with the whole body showing different shades of black and brown, very bright and emitting a strong smell of wood.

The string was placed in the middle of the tabletop, and it looked like someone else had left it here on purpose.

Ye Chen walked forward and picked up the string, when he entered his hand, he could feel the warm texture on each bead of the string, and the overall lightness of the string, coupled with the special aroma, Ye Chen surmised that it should be made of incense.

Lin Wan’er walked in at this time, and asked in surprise, “Where did the incense string in your hands come from?”

Ye Chen looked back at her and smiled, “It was found on this table.”

Lin Wan’er came to the front and asked carefully, “Sir, can you let my slave take a look?”

Ye Chen nodded and handed her the incense string.

Lin Wan’er carefully held the string in her hand and examined it, marvelling, “This is the best variety of white kyanite in incense, and it is the absolute version of Hainan white kyanite, or even the unseen masterpiece of Hainan white kyanite ……”

“Extinct?” Ye Chen asked curiously, “Is this thing very expensive?”

Lin Wan’er said, “The best top grade white kyanite strings that can be seen on the market, the auction price is probably in the hundreds of thousands of grams, but the quality is still quite a bit worse than this one, and the slave has not seen such good material ……”

Ye Chen marvelled, “You but all the way to drink the mother of Pu tea tea to live until now, when the day in northern Europe when I first met you, you those blue and white porcelain can also be called the best of the best, what good things in this world is you have not seen?”

Lin Wan Er with jade hand slightly cover the red lips, lightly laughed: “Gongzi too high opinion of slaves, this world crouching tigers and hidden dragons are too many people, almost the vast majority of the things in this world, all can be known by the world, are not the best, so meet their own have not seen the good things is also normal.”

Saying that, she handed the string back to Ye Chen, saying, “My lord, this string, should be their gift to you, you and accept to keep it well.”

Ye Chen said, “Maybe it is for you?”

“No way.” Lin Wan Er laughed delicately and said, “If it was given to me, I guess they wouldn’t be able to afford to send it.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Why do you say that?”

Lin Wan’er laughed, “Your Excellency counted this string, no more, no less, a total of twenty-eight beads, if my slave remembered correctly, your Excellency should have just passed his twenty-eighth birthday this year, and not yet twenty-nine years old, right? Isn’t this exactly for you? If it was prepared for slave, at least more than three hundred of them would have to be worn, which is really a bit too wasteful.”

Ye Chen was startled, and hurriedly looked down and counted the beads on the string, it was indeed no more, no less, twenty-eight.

Most of the strings, in fact, were nineteen beads, this was because most people wore strings, in addition to the pursuit of materials, but also the pursuit of far-reaching symbolism, because in Buddhism, most of the Buddha beads were nineteen, signifying a Buddha’s head, coupled with the eighteen uncommon dharma.

This string, on the other hand, was uniquely dressed with twenty-eight.