Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5921

  As Ye Chen walked with his head down, Lin Wan’er on the side thought of ways to ease his mood, and asked him with an expectant face, “What do you think, sir, did the Mother of Pu Tea grow up and grow more leaves in the past two days?”

Ye Chen casually said, “It should grow a bit bigger, and as for the leaves, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to draw three or five more shoots.”

Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Then after we go back, my slave will pick the newly drawn shoots, kill the green and then give Gongzi a taste after soaking them.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Isn’t the production process of Pu’er Tea very troublesome? After processing, it still has to be stored and fermented, right?”

Lin Wan’er laughed, “In fact, you can drink it after killing the green, it’s just that it has less of that fermented flavour, but it also has a fresh and soft flavour, in general, only the freshly plucked tea leaves are good to kill the green right away, the requirements for freshness and time are more demanding, so the vast majority of people don’t have the chance to taste it.”

Ye Chen laughed and asked her, “Aren’t you very precious to the mother of Pu Cha’s bit of leaves, why are you so generous at this moment. ”

Lin Wan’er smiled shyly and said softly, “The Mother of Pu Tea is so vigorous, picking a little bit of it shouldn’t be a problem, it’s not the original words of the Prince.”

Ye Chen knew that Lin Wan’er was trying to coax herself to be happy, but she herself wasn’t so bothered by this matter all the time, so she smiled and said, “The leaves of the Mother of Pu Tea should still be allowed to grow properly, picking more than that you’re afraid that you won’t be able to sleep.”

Lin Wan Er shook her head and said seriously, “As long as Gongzi is happy, there’s nothing I can’t spare.”

Ye Chen will heartily smile, slightly nodded, he knew Lin Wan Er’s heart, heart also some touched, always feel a big man, but also a little girl round around coaxing, really also some shame, so then said to her: “Right Miss Lin, Wu Fei Yan should not dare to touch China again in a short period of time, the next period of time certainly will not be any risk, you have next What is your next plan?”

Lin Wan Er saw that Ye Chen had already digressed, so she smiled and said, “Nu Jia intends to go back to school, but when the time comes, I will do a walkabout, and I will take care of the Mother of Pu Tea every day at Zijinshan Zhuang, the other thing is that I might need to let Old Qiu prepare a plane, and on the weekend, I’ll go to Erlang Mountain in Diannan, and take care of the tea plantation there.”

Ye Chen laughed, “That must be very busy.”

Lin Wan Er nodded and said seriously, “Busy is better, in fact, I haven’t been this busy for many years, I was always worried about being caught by Wu Fei Yan, so I didn’t dare to run around, and in recent years, I even stayed in the house the whole day, apart from fiddling with some porcelain, writing and painting, I can’t do almost anything, I want to raise a small and cute juan shan cow but I didn’t have the time to do so, and in the future, Wu Fei Yan’s oppressive feeling should relax a bit, so I can just have more time. should relax a bit, just in time to be a bit more busy.”

Ye Chen saw Lin Wan’er’s expectant face and couldn’t help but feel relieved for her.

Ye Chen knew that for this little girl who had lived for more than three hundred years, the next period of time would probably be the least stressful period of time for her apart from her childhood, and for her, even if she was busy, she would definitely be happier.

Thinking of this, he felt that this trip to Diannan was not a wasted journey, and his mood eased a few points more.

The two of them along the way they came, step by step climbed the second mountain when they came up, when climbed to most of the time, the altitude has already exceeded the peak where the Qingzhao nunnery is located, Lin Wan’er suddenly stopped her footsteps, turned around, somewhat lost in thought, looking at the distant Qingzhao nunnery, seems to be thinking about something.

When Ye Chen saw her stop and turn back, with a thoughtful look on her face, he asked her, “What is Miss Lin thinking about?”

Lin Wan’er frowned slightly and muttered softly, “I’m thinking, that master teacher talked to me about Wu Fei Yan and the Broken Qing Society, about hatred, about destiny, and even about an ancient Greek myth, but …… but… …”

Ye Chen pursued, “But what?”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lips, her voice a few points louder, and said with a few points of doubt, “But the only thing she didn’t say to my slave was Buddhism ……”