Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5920

At this point in time, at the bottom of Qingzhaoan Mountain.

Ye Chen still hadn’t made the decision to abandon this trip.

If he left just like that, he would indeed be resentful.

However, Lin Wan’er’s analysis was not unreasonable.

Someone had gone to great lengths just to remind himself, and if he was still bent on having his way, he would be a little too conceited.

Thinking of the word conceited, Ye Chen suddenly realised that his current strength, in front of the unknown, was actually still far from good.

Contemplating for a moment, Ye Chen let out a bitter smile and said frankly, “That master teacher should be right, my strength is not even as good as Wu Feiyan’s, I shouldn’t be too conceited, moreover, that master teacher is able to know about you and me and our movements, so I think it is naturally not an ordinary person.”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Lin Wan’er and said seriously, “Miss Lin is smarter than me, many issues are deeper than I think and see through, since you also advise me to stop, then I’d better listen to the advice of others, have a full meal, and turn around and go back to Jinling on this.”

The nervous Lin Wan’er finally breathed a sigh of relief.

She was afraid that Ye Chen’s axial temper would come up, and no matter what anyone else said he would hold on to one goal and never waver.

Now that Ye Chen had loosened his lips to go back, she was naturally relieved.

So, she such as a high intelligence girl to coax their immature boyfriend general, holding his arm, said with a smile: “Although the son of today stop here, but not forever stop here, just this time first to here, go back to recuperate, after the preparation of the full, wait for a better time to come back again, the expert is not often said, this is called a strategic retreat. ”

Ye Chen inevitably some disillusioned said: “Retreat is retreat, which there is what strategic retreat said.”

Lin Wan’er looked at him and asked with a smile, “Gongzi must not have climbed Everest and Chogori Peak, right?”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Haven’t climbed them, have you?”

Lin Wan’er smiled cheekily and said proudly, “My slave has climbed it, and more than once.”

Saying that, she narrated, “A few decades ago, when the mountaineering equipment was still very simple, it was very difficult for people to climb Mount Everest and wait for Chogori Peak, especially Chogori Peak, people tried for more than fifty years and failed to reach the top, countless efforts were all folded back at a certain location in the middle of the way, but the good thing is that during these more than fifty years, there were always people who could push that folded back to a higher place, until finally succeeding in reaching the top. Until finally the summit was successfully reached.”

Lin Wan’er looked at Ye Chen and said with a smile, “Regardless of whether or not Master Gong is still alive, with his cultivation more than three hundred years ago, he should be the strongest amongst all the people known to be cultivating in Gongzi’s current cultivation, right?”

Ye Chen nodded, “Within my known category, Meng Changsheng is number one, and Wu Feiyan is number two.”

“That’s right.” Lin Wan’er, who was holding Ye Chen’s arm, tugged Ye Chen’s arm downwards with force as if she was spoilt, guffawed, and said shyly, “Your Excellency regards the two of them as Everest and Chogori Peak in your heart, today, this Qing Zhaonan is the end point of the first summit, next time, take this place as the base camp of the summit, and step by step, you can move forward, and there will eventually be a day of success. ”

Ye Chen sighed lightly, nodded and said, “It can only be so.”

Lin Wan’er saw that Ye Chen was finally somewhat relieved, and her heart was much more at ease.

At this moment, she was like a young lady who had just married in ancient times, she only had her “husband” in her eyes, and her “husband” was everything to her, and if her “husband” was happy, she would not feel hardship even if she ate chaff and swallowed vegetables, but if her “husband” was not happy, she would not feel hardship. If her husband is happy, she will not find it hard to eat food, but if her husband is not happy, she will feel like chewing on a mountain of delicacies and seafood.

She is most afraid that Ye Chen does not know how to retreat, now it seems that Ye Chen, although more or less reluctant, but at least has accepted the advice of the teacher.

Although she could see that there was still some depression left, these depressions were left to herself to properly enlighten and comfort.

Thus, she took Ye Chen by the arm and pulled him around to walk up the road she came from.