Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5919

  Saying that, Ye Chen said to Lin Wan’er, “Miss Lin, why don’t you go back to the town and wait for me, I’ll go by myself!”

“Never!” Lin Wan’er subconsciously grasped Ye Chen’s hand with a death grip and pleaded, “Your Excellency, since you already know that the place where Master Gong passed away is not far from here, then this time is not considered futile, nor is it considered a half-hearted endeavour, your Excellency can go back to Jinling to continue with the preparations, and it’s not too late to come back again when your Excellency’s strength has increased greatly!”

Ye Chen spoke, “Neither you nor I have figured out the identity of the other party, I can’t let the other party give up everything that was originally planned with just a few casual words.”

Lin Wan’er said with some anxiety, “Gongzi, someone knows that we are coming here and has calculated the route in advance to wait here, this proves that the other party knows you and I very well, even if she does not have any ill intentions towards us, we have to admit the fact that our identities have been defeated, if we still force our way forward in such a situation, no matter whether she is a foe or a friend, I am afraid that the situation would be extremely unfavourable for us. ”

Ye Chen’s entire body was slightly stunned.

Lin Wan’er’s words caused him to begin to re-examine this matter once again.

As Lin Wan’er had said, regardless of whether this nun was a foe or a friend, it was already a fact that he had been exposed, and since she would know about it, it proved that other people might know about it as well.

If he insisted on continuing forward, not to mention whether he would encounter risks, what if there were others who knew about his identity? What if it reached the ears of the Broken Clearance Society?

Lin Wan’er added at this time, “My lord, no matter what is actually there dozens of miles away, it doesn’t change the fact that Wu Feiyan is also very scornful of it, and if Wu Feiyan is even scornful of it, then why would we bother to go ahead and go through it again?”

Ye Chen was in a struggle all of a sudden.

The reasoning that Lin Wan’er had said was clear to him.

It was just that, when he was finally one step closer to the secret of his parents back then, he was really unwilling to give up on it.

At this moment, inside the Qingzhaoan’s main hall.

Pure Dust returned to the main hall and respectfully reported to that old nun, “Aunt Sun, Lin Wan Er has already left.”

Without turning her head, the old nun opened her mouth and asked, “Did you see her go down the mountain with your own eyes?”

“Yes.” Pure Dust nodded and said, “After I closed the door, I watched her go down the mountain through the doorway before I came back to report to you.”

The old nun asked again, “What were the two of them doing?”

“Conversing.” Pure Dust replied, “The two have been talking in place, but they are not ready to depart and move for the time being.

The old nun nodded slightly and said, “You stand guard here, I’ll go and report back to madam.”

After saying that, without waiting for Pure Dust to reply, she quickly walked towards the back of the main hall.

There was another door at the main back of the main hall, generally speaking, such places in temples would no longer be open to incomers, and were mostly places for monks and nuns to use for their own purposes.

The old nun stopped outside the door, gently snapped the door of the room, and respectfully said, “Madam, Lin Wan’er has left.”

Inside the room, came a nice and with a few majestic woman’s voice: “Have they gone back?”

The old nun replied, “Not yet, the two of them seem to still be talking at the intersection at the foot of the mountain, for the time being, it’s not certain if they will give up.”

The woman inside the door smiled, “There shouldn’t be any problem.”

Saying that, the woman also added: “Right, you seize the time to open up everyone to pack up, we should leave, that Lin Wan’er’s wisdom is more than close to the demon, I see that she was overly worried just now before she ignored some of the details, I believe that it won’t be long before they should come back again, know to go down there, don’t leave any clues in this place.”

The old nun said respectfully, “Yes madam!”