Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5918

Lin Wan’er probably guessed the meaning of the old nun’s words, so she opened her mouth and asked, “Is Master Tai saying that whether or not Master Gong, his old man, can be reborn depends entirely on Eunuch Ye?”

The old nun said noncommittally, “The poor nun has already said too much, there are some questions, please ask Miss Lin to digest them on her own, just, remember that these things must not be known to Mr Ye.”

Seeing that she was unwilling to say more, Lin Wan Er hurriedly asked, “I don’t know what other instructions does the senior nun have?”

“None.” The old nun folded her hands and respectfully said, “I have long heard of Miss Lin’s great name, and today I have seen it, but also let the poor nun have a wish, Mr Ye is still waiting at the bottom of the mountain at the moment, Miss Lin is better to go down the mountain earlier and persuade him to return to Jinling.”

Lin Wan Er saw the old nun want to send off the guest, but still some not too dead heart, hurriedly asked again: “Master Mrs, Ye should be how next? If we can’t move forward today, I’m afraid that Eunuch Ye is stuck in a rut… Where should Eunuch Ye go in the future, please show me, Shifu Tai!”

The old nun’s expression became very struggling for a split second, hesitating for a long time before speaking, “Please Miss Lin instruct Mr Ye to look for an opportunity to open the Mud Pill Palace as soon as possible, only after opening the Mud Pill Palace can he barely fight with Wu Fei Yan.”

Lin Wan Er had become more and more puzzled by the old nun’s identity, she really couldn’t figure out, Ye Chen was so low profile and hid his identity so much, why did this old nun seem to know him like the back of her hand, and even Ye Chen didn’t have an open Mud Pill Palace all clear.

Lin Wan Er still wanted to ask her some more questions, but the old nun had already pushed open the door of the main hall at this time, and shouted out to the outside, “Pure Dust, see off the guests.”

The young nun who had brought Lin Wan’er here earlier walked out from the side hall and respectfully said to Lin Wan’er, “Miss Lin please follow me out.”

Lin Wan’er had no choice but to nod her head, looking at the old nun, she spoke, “The young lady thanks the senior nun for her mention.”

The old nun nodded slightly and smiled, saying, “Amitabha Buddha, Miss Lin take care!”

Lin Wan’er said goodbye to the old nun and walked out of the gate of Qingzhao Nunnery along with the young nun.

The young nun with the Dharma name Pure Dust spoke, “Miss Lin can go down the mountain the same way, so I won’t send you down.”

Lin Wan’er nodded her head and said, “Young master, please stay.”

Pure Dust bowed and bowed towards Lin Wan Er, then slowly closed the gate.

Lin Wan’er looked at Ye Chen, who was visually less than the size of a grain of rice at the foot of the mountain, from afar, and waved her hand towards him, and when she saw that Ye Chen also seemed to be waving back at her, she hurriedly took a few quick steps and hurriedly descended the mountain.


At the bottom of the mountain, Ye Chen had already been waiting here for a long time.

When he saw Lin Wan’er walking down, he greeted her with a few steps forward and asked with concern, “Miss Lin, what kind of medicine is in that nun’s gourd? What did they preside over to find you to do?”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lips and spoke, “My lord, they host reminded us of the dangers of the road ahead and tried to persuade us to turn back.”

Ye Chen’s expression was surprised as he opened his mouth and asked, “She knows where we are going?”

Lin Wan’er gently nodded her head and explained, “My slave sees that that teacher too is not an outlaw, so I think that there must be dangers on the road ahead that we have not thought of ……”

Saying that, she looked at Ye Chen with both eyes and pleaded, “My lord, let’s not continue onwards, let’s go back to Jinling, shall we?”

“Back to Jinling?” Ye Chen frowned and said seriously, “We are probably only a few tens of miles away from where Meng Changsheng cultivated back then, my parents probably came here back then and took away the Preface of the Nine Xuan Scriptures from the items he left behind, if I walk these few tens of miles, I might be able to figure out more details about their lives, how can I give up halfway… …”