Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5917

  After saying that, Lin Wan Er’s legs bent, and she was about to kneel on both knees.

That old nun saw this, hastily stepped forward, in Lin Wan Er kneeling before frame her body, spoke: “Miss Lin see all the world hundreds of years of changes in the wind and clouds, poor nuns in front of Miss Lin do not dare to be too big, Miss Lin must not perform this great salute.”

Saying this, she assisted Lin Wan’er and spoke, “I think Miss Lin also knows the subtleties of destiny, in the I Ching Bagua, even if it’s just an inconspicuous subtle change, the eventual deduction of the results may also be very different. Poverty Nee if you say too much, but there may be the opposite, if Miss Lin really want to help Mr Ye, then as far as possible to reduce the variables, poverty Nee can clearly tell you ahead of Mr Ye there is a danger, and Miss Lin also as long as to ensure that Mr Ye can give up and continue to move forward is the best result, regardless of whether you or Mr Ye, know too much, but will bring about even greater variations.”

Hearing the old nun’s sentence of having watched the world change over hundreds of years, Lin Wan’er knew that the old nun in front of her, already knew her past like the back of her hand.

And she also quickly realised that she had lost her temper, the old nun was right, this kind of thing called destiny, there were indeed many extremely subtle variables, knowing more was sometimes not a good thing.

At this time, she no longer pressed the old nun for more details, but rather measured the credibility of the old nun’s words in her mind.

She first ruled out the old nun as her enemy.

Because the old nun had already managed to draw herself into this nunnery, if she was truly her enemy, she would definitely make a move against herself;

And then, she ruled out the old nun as Ye Chen’s enemy.

The old nun knew Ye Chen, knew herself, knew Wu Feiyan, and even knew the trio’s course of action, if she was Ye Chen’s enemy, she didn’t need to make a show of being here at all. 篳 Interesting Court

All she needed to do was to think of a way to tell Wu Feiyan that Ye Chen was the son of Ye Changyao and An Chengqi, and then pass Ye Chen’s information to Wu Feiyan, then Wu Feiyan would inevitably kill Ye Chen.

Since she had ruled out the old nun as an enemy of herself and Ye Chen, the credibility of her previous words was much higher.

Lin Wan Er also analysed whether the old nun and Ye Chen would have any stakes involved, for example, if the old nun also wanted to explore the relics left behind by Meng Chang Sheng, then she and Ye Chen would be rivals, and it would be really beneficial for her to find a way to persuade her rival to give up.

However, on second thought, this possibility was also minimal.

After all, the other party was waiting for them here, while she and Ye Chen hadn’t even figured out where they were going yet.

If everyone is grabbing a treasure, that is naturally the first to arrive first, the other party was in front, and know the location of the treasure, the best choice is to rush as soon as possible to dig out the treasure, and as far as possible not to expose their identity, muffled to make a big fortune, how would put the treasure not to dig, but instead, guarded here to persuade the back of the competitors at a disadvantage to give up?

Therefore, this inference is also untenable.

Not an enemy, there is no stake or conflict of interest, in this case, the probability that the other party is sincere, then a few points greater.

Thus, Lin Wan’er looked at her and asked, “My youngest daughter has one last question, why did the senior mistress want to help Lord Ye?”

The old nun said in a very solemn tone, “More than twenty years ago, someone opened a Pandora’s Box, but this magic box was only half open at that time, if it is left unattended, after a number of years, the magic box gradually opens on its own, which will surely lead to unforeseen disasters, and right now, the one who can close this magic box completely, or the one who can open this magic box straight away, there is and there is only Mister Ye alone! “