Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5916

Hearing Lin Wan’er’s question, the old nun explained seriously, “I’m not hiding it from Miss Lin, fifty miles ahead of this place is where Miss Lin and Mr Ye are going, but this place, Miss Lin can go to, and Wu Feiyan can go to, but only Mr Ye can’t go to.”

“Shidai knows about Wu Feiyan?!”

Hearing the old nun mention Wu Fei Yan, Lin Wan Er’s heart was even more appalled.

She really couldn’t figure out the identity of this old nun, and even more so, she couldn’t figure out why she was so divine, knowing about Ye Chen, knowing about herself was just enough, and even knowing about Wu Fei Yan.

The fact that she could say Wu Fei Yan’s name proved that she must have some knowledge of Wu Fei Yan’s life.

In other words, she must have known that Wu Feiyan had lived from the Ming Dynasty more than three hundred years ago until today.

Lin Wan’er looked at the old nun and secretly wondered in horror, “If she knows Wu Fei Yan’s secret, does that mean she knows my secret as well?”

The old nun at this time also no longer cover up, blandly said, “Poor Nun and Miss Lin open up the window of heaven to tell the truth, Wu Feiyan and the Broken Qing Society, the same is the enemy of the poor Nun, and Wu Feiyan’s personal strength is very strong, and there is the Broken Qing Society that has been operating for three hundred years, so the comprehensive strength is almost unmatched.”

Saying this, the old nun suddenly changed her words and said seriously, “However, compared to the one fifty miles away, Wu Feiyan is nothing more than a jumping clown who has lived for more than three hundred years.”

The old nun’s words caused Lin Wan’er to be horrified.

After more than three hundred years, Lin Wan’er had never been as nervous as she was now, as if everything she had hidden deeply for more than three hundred years had been seen through.

She forced down the apprehension in her heart and asked the old nun with a forced composure, ”What the Senior Mistress said, is Meng Changsheng? Could …… it be that he really isn’t dead?”

The old nun sighed noncommittally and said, “Wu Feiyan came and went in such a short period of time, I think Miss Lin, who is so smart, would be able to get a glimpse of the whole picture.”

Lin Wan’er was even more nervous, in her haste, she hurriedly asked, “My youngest daughter has the audacity to ask Master Tai, what does all this have to do with Lord Ye? Why is it that both Wu Feiyan and I can go, but only Mr Ye cannot?”

The old nun folded her hands and said, “Amitabha Buddha, Miss Lin, it’s not that the poor nun doesn’t want to make it clear, it’s just that Miss Lin should know the destiny, there are some things that can only be done point by point, too much interference will instead trigger uncontrollable changes, the poor nun’s original intention was to remind Mister Ye of the many perils and obstacles on the road ahead, just in case too much is said, and Mister Ye is biased towards the Tiger Mountain, then everything will be irretrievably lost. ”

Lin Wan’er pursed her lips, and asked her, “Then, Master Tai thinks, if my daughter goes to persuade Mr Ye to give up now, with his character, without a clear explanation, will he agree?”

The old nun said seriously, “This is why the poor nun had her disciple invite Miss Lin instead of directly inviting Mr Ye, the poor nun believes that Miss Lin has an irreplaceable importance in Mr Ye’s mind, and it should be much stronger for Miss Lin to persuade Mr Ye than for the poor nun to do so.”

Lin Wan’er said with difficulty, “Mr Ye is exceptionally looking forward to this trip to the 100,000 Mountains, and he still has many other issues that have been troubling him for a long time, and he wants to get an explanation during this trip……. If I suddenly persuade him to turn back, I guess he won’t agree to it either.”

The old nun nodded, looked at Lin Wan’er, and said, “Going further forward will bring unforeseen disasters for Mr Ye, and for many innocent people, if Mr Ye can put aside his hatred for the time being, he will be able to win precious time for himself, and also win more chances of victory for himself.”

After saying that, the old nun looked at Lin Wan’er and said sincerely, “Miss Lin, the poor nun has already made the powerful relationship clear to you, whether or not you can persuade Mr Ye to turn back, depends on Miss Lin.”

Lin Wan’er looked at her and asked with a little bit of pleading, “Senior lady, I beg you to say it more clearly, Mr Ye is the daughter’s life-saving benefactor, if he really has such a calamity in his destiny, I will do my best to resolve it for Mr Ye even if I have to pay for my own life …… “