Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5915

  With no choice but to nod, Ye Chen said to Lin Wan’er, “I’ll be here to watch you guys go up, start timing from the moment you disappear from my sight, I’ll wait for you for twenty minutes, and if you don’t come out in twenty minutes, I’ll go up to you!”

Seeing Ye Chen’s relief, Lin Wan’er quickly nodded and said, “Good! Just twenty minutes!”

Seeing this, the little nun once again clasped her hands together and bowed to Ye Chen, respectfully saying, “Please wait for a moment, monks.”

After saying that, she again said to Lin Wan’er with a respectful face, “Monk please follow me.”

Lin Wan’er nodded her head, gave Ye Chen a smile that reassured him, and came to his ear and whispered, “I would like to thank you for waiting here for a few moments, my slave will go and return.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and watched her go up the mountain with that little nun.

Ye Chen watched the two of them walk farther and farther away, watched the two of them step by step up to the top of the mountain, watched the little nun respectfully open the door of the nunnery for Lin Wan’er, and watched Lin Wan’er turn back towards herself and waved her hand from afar and then took a step to enter.

At this time Ye Chen, his heart was more or less a little apprehensive.

He felt that even if the other party was not an outlaw, this kind of precise prediction of himself and Lin Wan Er by the other party made his back shiver, and since he had started counting since he had obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, he had never had this kind of jittery apprehension before.

And at this moment, Lin Wan’er had already taken a step into the gate of the Qingzhao nunnery.

Qingzhao nunnery was not considered a big temple, covering a small area, the bhikkhunis who practiced were not too many, counting the Shamans who were under the age of twenty, there were only a total of more than a dozen of them.

Moreover, the incense of Qingzhao Nunnery is also not strong, Lin Wan’er came all the way in, did not see any incense burner here to worship Buddha.

She followed the little nun through the front courtyard, and all the bhikkhuni bowed to her when they saw her, which made Lin Wan’er’s heart even more curious.

The little nun led her through the front courtyard to the main hall at the back.

The main hall wasn’t exactly grand, but everywhere one could see that the place was maintained very carefully, and although the Buddha statues were old, they were brightly coloured and didn’t stain with a single piece of dust, so it looked like they were often repaired and cleaned.

In the middle of the main hall, an old and grey-haired nun was standing in front of the Buddha, carefully adding oil to the several long-lasting lamps in front of the statue.

The old nun seems to have seventy or eighty years of age, the years have been old, but the body is very robust, holding a few kilograms of heavy oil pots, pouring out the lamp oil is not moving, can see the hand extraordinarily stable.

The little nun brought Lin Wan’er in and respectfully said, “Master, the disciple has invited that monk here.”

The old nun turned around, looked at Lin Wan’er, folded her hands and said very respectfully, “The poor nun took the liberty of disturbing the Shi Shi master, please don’t be offended.”

Lin Wan’er also returned the salute with both hands folded and said aloud, “Master and mistress don’t have to be so courteous, it’s just that my youngest daughter went into the mountain to hike with her boyfriend, he is still waiting at the bottom of the mountain at this time, so please open the door to the master and mistress.”

The old nun waved her hand at the young nun, who immediately turned around and retreated, while also closing the main hall’s door in the process.

Only after she went out did the old nun suddenly sigh and say, “All kinds of danger lies in the road ahead, and the road ahead is full of dangers and obstacles …… The poor nun here boldly implores Miss Lin to properly persuade Mr Ye, don’t let him go any further!”

Suddenly being named by the other party’s identity, Lin Wan’er’s heart was shocked, but on her face, she looked at the other party without showing any emotion, and spoke faintly, “Master and mistress, Mr Ye is obsessed with the road ahead, I’m just a small woman with no power to bind a chicken, how can I persuade him?”

Saying that, Lin Wan Er looked at the old nun and turned her words around, saying seriously, “Unless the senior madam can tell the youngest daughter what exactly is the danger of the road ahead?”