Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5914

The nun’s words caused both Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er to be startled.

How could the two of them not expect that they had not even exposed themselves in front of Wu Feiyan, yet they were being targeted in front of a nunnery in the Hundred Thousand Mountains?

Thus, without waiting for Lin Wan’er to speak, Ye Chen asked the nun with a wary face, “Who are you? Posing as a nun and pretending to wash clothes here just to wait for us to appear?!”

The nun clasped her hands together, made a slight bow towards Ye Chen and spoke, “Master, the poor nun is not pretending to be a nun, the poor nun is a bhikkuni in the Qingzhao Nunnery, and she has become a nun in the Qingzhao Nunnery, it is just that the abbot knows that the two of you will be passing by here today, so he specially asked the poor nun to wait here.”

After saying that, she looked at Lin Wan’er again and said seriously, “Monk, my abbot said that you have deep Buddhist destiny, and would like to invite you to the nunnery to have a small chat for a few moments, and it won’t delay you for too long.”

Lin Wan’er contemplated for a moment, gently nodded, and said, “Good, then I would appreciate it if the young master would lead the way.”

Ye Chen always felt that this matter was a little strange and unsteady, so he said, “Then I will go along.”

The nun pointed at the road behind her that went up the mountain and spoke, “This master, from here all the way to the top of the mountain, it’s all within the boundaries of the Qingzhao Nunnery, the Qingzhao Nunnery is a place for Shamans and Bhikkhunis to practise Buddhism, and doesn’t allow any males to enter, so I hope that the master understands.”

Ye Chen coldly said, “Joke, if you don’t let me in, how can I ensure the safety of my friend?”

The nun said respectfully, “Monks are compassionate, they will not do anything to harm others, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured, please rest assured.”

Ye Chen was about to refuse, Lin Wan’er on the side pulled his arm and said softly, “Dear you wait here for a while, I’ll go and come.”

Ye Chen advised her, “Don’t be so impulsive, beware of deception!”

Lin Wan Er smiled faintly and softly said, “It’s fine, with you here, no one dares to do anything to me, just rest assured that you will wait here for me.”

Lin Wan’er also did not know at this time, the nunnery waiting to meet the abbot who was waiting to meet with herself, what exactly was the origin of the abbot.

However, her intuition told her that there wouldn’t be any danger here.

She knew very well that in this world, the only one who wanted to catch herself was Wu Feiyan and her Broken Qing Society, and when she came to Diannan with Ye Chen this time, Wu Feiyan didn’t have any notice of it, from which she could infer that the person waiting to meet herself in Qingzhao Nunnery must not be Wu Feiyan’s person.

Since it was not Wu Fei Yan’s people, the probability of the other party being malicious was much smaller.

What’s more, Ye Chen was waiting for himself at the bottom of the mountain, and if the other party really knew his and Ye Chen’s details, it was certainly not possible for him to make a move on himself under Ye Chen’s nose.

And what interested her the most was that she couldn’t wait to figure out the identity of the other party, since the other party knew about herself, she must have some understanding of her situation, and even more frightening was that the other party was able to calculate the whereabouts of herself and Ye Chen, which was even more remarkable.

After all, she and Ye Chen had only determined this route an hour or two ago, the other party couldn’t have known in advance no matter what, the only possibility was that the other party had calculated all of this, and was waiting here on guard.

Thinking of this, Lin Wan Er was even more impatient to know what the person behind the tent was.

Ye Chen saw that Lin Wan Er had made up her mind, so he guessed that she would definitely want to go up and find out.

If he forced himself to follow her, perhaps the other party’s abbot would give up appearing, in which case, he would not be able to find out the real reason.