Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5912

Lin Wan’er’s words made Ye Chen start to think seriously for the first time about whether Meng Changsheng was really still alive, a question that seemed a bit absurd at first glance.

  In the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, there was no record of a person living for more than a thousand years, so this had long since touched the blind spot of his knowledge.

  In fact, the Jiu Xuan Heavenly Scriptures didn’t even have any records about the Ten Thousand Years Evergreen Pill.

  Even Lin Wan’er belonged to Ye Chen’s knowledge blind spot, let alone Meng Changsheng.

  On this issue, although there was no direct evidence to prove Meng Changsheng’s life or death nowadays, Ye Chen didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest, and the caution that should be exercised should never be omitted or taken lightly.

  Thus, he then said to Lin Wan’er, “The points mentioned by Miss Lin just now, I very much agree with all of them, it’s just that we’ve already arrived here, there’s no reason to retreat at the battlefield, so why don’t we just do what Miss Lin said, and we’ll go together to find out what’s going on.”

  Lin Wan Er knew that Ye Chen could not give up easily, and being willing to bring herself along was already the biggest concession made, so she nodded without thinking and said, “Good! My slave will be with you!”

  Ye Chen nodded slightly, then sighed softly and said, “If the two of us are together, going down from here would not be practical, let’s turn around and go back, and enter the mountains in the opposite direction from the township where Wu Feiyan appeared.”

  ”Good.” Lin Wan’er nodded obediently and said, “As long as Gongzi is willing to take Nu Jia, Nu Jia will listen to Gongzi’s arrangements in everything.”

  The two of them reached a consensus, so Ye Chen did not delay any longer, he got off the highway at the next exit and made a U-turn to come back, by way of the location where Wu Feiyan had leapt down, and continued to drive forward for a few tens of kilometres before getting off the highway at the township where Wu Feiyan had left.

  The map shows that, in addition to this township in addition to the highway, there is only a rugged mountain road to the outside world, the end of the mountain road from not far away from the foot of a mountain called the former Dao Mountain, down the mountain through the township, and the township’s main road, and then continue to extend to the entrance and exit of the highway.

  If you don’t get on the highway here, you can continue to drive forward to a national highway that crosses Yunnan and Guangxi.

  The location where Wu Feiyan appeared was on the road from the starting point of the former Dao Mountain, all the way to the middle of the township.

  Therefore, Ye Chen drove the car to the location where Wu Fei Yan appeared, and decided to walk into the mountain from here, generally travelling in the direction of Wu Fei Yan’s abandoned car, to see if he could find any traces left behind by Wu Fei Yan.

  After all, Wu Fei Yan left in a hurry and in a mess, Ye Chen surmised that she should have no time to deal with the clues she left behind.

  After the two of them got out of the car, Ye Chen brought along the equipment for entering the mountains, and together with Lin Wan’er, they headed towards the mountains.

  After leaving the country road, it wasn’t immediately the rugged primitive forest, on both sides of the road, there were almost all terraced fields reclaimed by local farmers, so there were also naturally paths that could be used by people and livestock, and motorbikes that could be used for travelling.

  It just so happened that the direction of this path overlapped with the direction that Ye Chen was planning to search, so the two of them walked through the path one after the other, and kept advancing into the mountains.

  Two people over a short mountain almost completely covered by terraces, continue to want to deeper and deeper, and at this time both sides of the man-made traces are less and less, terraces, although occasionally there are still a few, but because of the distance from the township, this place has been developed one after another no one.

  When he turned over the second mountain and started to travel down the mountain, Ye Chen saw that this rugged path in the valley in front of him turned from a long, earth-coloured strip into a long, thin y-shape, in addition to which there was also a one-metre-wide meandering stream that flowed down the valley all the way down to the lower part of the valley.