Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5911

  Lin Wan’er firmly said, “Slave will go! It’s just that it might require hard work for Gongzi to take care of slave a little bit and accommodate slave a little bit, but slave still wants to go with Gongzi ……”

Said Lin Wan Er pursed her lips and whispered, “I’m afraid that if Master Gong’s old man is still alive, and if you take the risk of disturbing his cultivation, you’ll cause trouble, although I haven’t met Master Gong, but if I do meet him, I’ll still be able to use my father’s relationship to get close to his old man. …… ”

Ye Chen was silent for a moment, looked at her and asked, “You think Meng Changsheng is still alive?”

Lin Wan’er nodded: “Originally, slave just think, master Gong is still alive is not impossible, there is a certain small probability, the possibility of living and passing away, about one nine to more than two eight;”

Speaking of this, Lin Wan’er said in a very serious tone, “But now I feel that the possibility of Master Gong being alive and passing away is about seven or three, or even eight or two.”

Ye Chen asked in surprise, “Why do you now believe more that he is still alive?”

Lin Wan Er said, “Because Nu Jia has watched all the surveillance videos of the airport, a little bit of watching Wu Fei Yan arrive at the airport, go through the security check, go through the customs, and then watched her waiting for the plane and boarding the plane, Wu Fei Yan in the footage, her expression has always been a little panicked, I can see that she must be very scared in her heart, in Nu Jia’s cognition, in addition to Shifu Gong, the one who can make Wu Fei Yan in this world so scared, should not be there be a second person.”

Ye Chen frowned and spoke, “Although Wu Feiyan left in a sorry state, she at least managed to retreat in one piece, if Meng Changsheng is still alive, how could Meng Changsheng let her retreat in one piece when Wu Feiyan came to his door this time?”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Moreover, whether it’s from you, or from the descendants of Meng Changsheng’s earliest named disciple, it can be corroborated that his biography, he was born in 664 A.D., and had his big break in 1663, exactly one thousand years;”

“If he’s still alive now, doesn’t that mean that he found a way to make his Yang life expectancy break through a thousand years more than three hundred years ago?”

“If that’s the case, I’m afraid that his current strength has long been out of this world and unrivalled; Wu Feiyan is so much inferior to him that she was able to form the huge Broken Qing Society, so how can he willingly hide in the 100,000 mountains?”

Lin Wan Er said with a worried face, “What Gongzi said, slave can’t figure it out either, there are many things in this, slave can’t figure it out, that’s why slave is worried.”

Saying that, Lin Wan Er remembered something, looked towards Ye Chen and said nervously, “Gongzi think about the mother of Pu Cha, more than three hundred years ago, Nu Jia watched her fail to cross the threshold by the Heavenly Pond with her own eyes, for more than three hundred years, Nu Jia has always been adamant that she has already dissipated into thin air, but who would have thought that she would be able to leave behind a thread of life for herself, and then find an opportunity to be reborn after a lapse of more than three hundred years? ”

Ye Chen’s face sank as he asked in surprise, “You mean, it is possible that Meng Changsheng is also looking for such an opportunity?”

Lin Wan’er said seriously, “I’m not sure, but I thought that since the Mother of Pu Cha has done it, then Master Gong might be able to do it as well, Your Excellency must not underestimate the human desire for survival, the older a person gets the stronger the desire for survival becomes, a person who has lived for a thousand years must have a desire for survival that is unimaginable to ordinary people, in order to be able to live, he doesn’t know what kind of effort he will put in! ……”