Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5908

Realising that the old man in front of him was indeed very powerful, and also a Han Chinese, Lin Yilu almost without thinking knelt on the ground, choking and pleading: “Old Immortal, now the Han people’s kingdom has been invaded by the Tartars, and the Han people are in great suffering, the late generation of the Qing dynasty for many years, but the ability is limited, and can only watch the Han people’s kingdom continue to fall, the old Immortal, since he is also Han Chinese, please take action to drive away the Qing dogs and restore the Han dynasty. Since we are both Han Chinese, please help us to drive away the Qing dogs and restore the Han Dynasty!”

Wu Feiyan also back to God, quickly kneeling and bowing, respectfully said: “I implore the old God immortal hand!”

Meng Changsheng was slightly stunned by the two men’s actions, then he let out a shameful laugh and said, “I have been in seclusion here for hundreds of years, whose kingdom and mountain is outside has long since ceased to have any relevance to me, whether the Han people are the emperors, the Mongols are the emperors or the Manchus are the emperors is not a matter of concern to me.”

Lin Yilu and Wu Feiyan were filled with despair.

They had thought that with the strength of the old gods to easily kill hundreds of Qing troops with a snap of their fingers, even if they went to the imperial city of Yanjing to take the head of Shunzhi’s old man would be a breeze.

However, they had overestimated the Han Chinese temperament in Meng Changsheng.

In fact, Meng Changsheng had lived to this age, and had long since thrown the righteousness of the nation and national integrity to the back of his mind.

Therefore, he said with an indifferent expression, “This place is my place of closed-door cultivation, you two should not continue to stay here to disturb my cultivation, the Qing troops that chased you have been killed by me as much as possible, you can also leave.”

Lin Yilu knelt down and opened his mouth, “Old Immortal, if you can drive the Qing dogs out of the pass and save the common people, it will definitely be a meritorious deed, and it will definitely benefit your cultivation greatly, and this kind of thing should only be a lift for you, please think twice!”

Meng Changsheng said disdainfully, “Merit? Merit is like chastity, even if there is more of it, what can it do, can you get longevity if you have more merit?”

Lin Yilu was a bit staggered for a moment, longevity was still a very foreign word to him, he didn’t understand at all what the meaning behind these two words actually was.

Meng Changsheng saw him freeze, faintly said: “You do not think, under the sky has such strength only I one, but all can sit on the throne, none is not set the time, place, people and and all, that the Manchu emperor can fight into the customs, captured the imperial city of Han, it proves that his destiny, his clan’s dragon vein, the fate of the Manchu state in the current stage is far more than the Han, and there are certainly around the side of a high person to assist! ”

Saying this, Meng Changsheng gave a slight beat and continued, “I advise you not to mantle your arms either, with the ability of the two of you, wanting to defeat a nation whose national fortunes have risen is basically not half possible.”

Once Lin Yilu heard this, he immediately looked dishevelled to the core, he lowered his head, his tone was unwavering and at the same time said with a bit of sadness, “Even if I, Lin Yilu, am unable to support the Han Dynasty, I will definitely not give up fighting against the Qing Dogs to the end! The population of the Qing dogs is only a million, yet they are able to occupy most of my China, if every Chinese male is indifferent, the Han people will never be able to retake the kingdom!”

Meng Changsheng laughed blandly, “Your so-called ideals and aspirations are just that you haven’t lived long enough, if you can live to be my age, what does it matter who the Tartars and the Han Chinese are as emperors?”