Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5907

  Lin Yilu said firmly and unswervingly, “I promised your brother to protect your safety, even if I die in battle, I will die with you, otherwise in the future I will have no words to face Fiona.”

  Wu Fiona cried and said, “Brother Yilu, the Qing dogs are inhumane, slaughtering countless Ming people, if you and I fall into their hands, we will be worse off than dead, why don’t you give Fiona a pain in the arse, or better than Fiona falling into their hands and being tortured and trampled on by them!”

  Lin Yilu clenched his teeth and said sternly: “Fiona you don’t need to be afraid, if you and I really have no way to escape, I will give you a good time, and then fight with those Qing dogs to the end, and will never let you fall into their hands!”

  At this time, Gaertu and his men were already chasing closer and closer, he saw the black blood stains left behind by Wu Fiona, and laughed coldly, “Since you guys are refusing to do this, then don’t blame me, Gaertu, for being merciless! When the two of you fall into the hands of our brethren, these brothers of mine will definitely let that little beauty have a good time!”

  Wu Fiona was shocked and angry, hissing and roaring, “I will not let you Qing dogs go even if I become a ghost! One day, our Great Ming will kill you all and drive your dog emperor out of the pass!”

  Kartu coldly said, “Your Ming? Your Daming is now on the verge of being completely annihilated by us! In the future, this will be the world of us Manchus! All Han Chinese like you, who do not submit to my Manchu, will be killed by us!”

  At this moment, a loud voice questioned, “What? Do you even want to kill old me?!”

  As he spoke, an old man in a blue Taoist robe floated down from above the forest, holding a silver longsword, indescribably majestic and solemn.

  This person was Meng Changsheng.

  Kartu didn’t expect that this old man would be able to fall from more than ten feet above the forest without any sign of injury, and for a moment, he asked him with some caution, “Who are you?”

  Meng Changsheng said in a cold voice, “A bunch of Tartars, who are you to ask me my name? You’ve disturbed my cultivation and are still talking a lot, so leave your lives here today to atone for your sins!”

  Kartu sneered, “You old man seems to be tired of living! Someone come, kill him for me!”

  As soon as the words fell, a group of Qing troops pulled up their bows and arrows, aiming their arrows at Meng Changsheng.

  Meng Changsheng, on the other hand, sneered disdainfully, “A mere bow and arrow, how dare you flaunt it in front of me, give me death!”

  With that, the longsword in his hand shook violently, instantly transforming into dozens of spinning blades that whistled towards the hundreds of Qing troops.

  Before these Qing troops could understand what was going on, they were all decapitated in unison, with not a single living soul left.

  Not far away, Lin Yulu and Wu Fiona both watched with jaws agape, both of them had never seen someone with such powerful strength in their lives, and thought that they had encountered a god.

  At this time, Meng Changsheng put away his longsword, came to the front of the two, and opened his mouth to ask: “Why were the two of you chased by a group of Tartar soldiers?”

  Lin Yilu was the first to come back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Senior Lin Yilu, I would like to thank the old fairy for saving my life! My sister and I fought against the Qing Dynasty together, but our strength was not good, and we were chased all the way here by the Qing army, thanks to the old fairy’s help, otherwise, I am afraid that my sister and I would not be able to survive today. …… “

  Meng Changsheng frowned and questioned, “Aren’t Tartars always active in the north? This is the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, which is almost at the southernmost tip of the Great Tang territory, how did the Tartars get here?”

  ”Great Tang?” Lin Yilu offhandedly said, “Old fairy, nowadays has long been not the Great Tang, now the court is the Great Ming, and the Great Ming a unification of China for more than two hundred years, just that big traitor Wu Sangui put the Qing army into the Guan, now, the Qing army has already encroached on the majority of the rivers and mountains of China ……”

  Meng Changsheng coldly rebuked: “Nowadays, the Han people, even their own rivers and mountains can’t be guarded?”