Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5906

At this moment, Wu Fiona passed through security and customs with a passport of a Chinese identity that had been prepared long ago, sitting in the lounge of the VIP building, waiting for her own plane with apprehension in her heart.

  Nervousness and panic made her until now, the muscles of her legs were still twitching.

  And in her mind, she always kept looping over and over again those four words of Meng Changsheng’s deafening, don’t get lost yet!

  Those four words caused a great fear to grip her soul.

  She couldn’t help but mentally review the entire incident, racking her brain to analyse the possibility that Meng Changsheng was still alive.

  She thought back to the bits and pieces of the time she had worshipped Meng Changsheng, and secretly thought in her heart, “In fact, now that I think about it, Shifu had actually never looked down on me and my senior brother back then, and if we hadn’t been pursued by the Qing army, I don’t think Shifu would have shown up in front of us ……”

  ”Now think about it, Master Zun accepted my two as disciples, half of it is in order to understand the outside world to us, half of it is also hope that we can do something for the Han River and Mountain, and he himself, it seems that he has never taken us as a real disciple ……”

  At the thought of this, Wu Fiona’s thoughts were pulled back to more than three hundred years ago, and the situation when she and her senior brother Lin Yilu were chased into the 100,000 mountains by the Qing army surfaced in her mind.

  Beyond the Hundred Thousand Mountains, tens of thousands of Qing cavalrymen had been running all night long, chasing down the remnants of the Southern Ming, as well as the Broken Qing Society, which had fought alongside the remnants of the Southern Ming.

  These cavalrymen wore the armour of the Qing army, carried the flag of the Qing army, and wore the money rat-tailed braid which was very different from that of the Han people of the Southern Ming Dynasty, and forced a group of remnants of the army all the way into the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

  The remnants of the Southern Ming and the broken Qing Society suffered heavy losses, they fought all the way back, the casualties became more and more heavy, so that in the end, Lin Yilu and Wu Fiona no longer have other comrades around them.

  The leader of a small team of Qing troops led hundreds of cavalry in hot pursuit, but due to the steep mountains and dense trees, they could only dismount and pursue on foot.

  The man at the head shouted loudly, “Listen to the rebels inside! If you and others come out to surrender, I, Kartu, can give you a pain in the arse, otherwise if I catch you and others, I will send you to the capital to be lynched to death!”

  At this moment, Wu Fiona was being pulled by Lin Yilu to run wildly through the forest, only Wu Fiona still had a broken arrow sticking out of her shoulder, which was wounded by the Qing army’s mounted archers when she was retreating.

  Due to the fact that the Qing army was good at riding and shooting, and they specially coated the arrow with the corpse water from the rotting corpses, so that the arrow carries a large number of viruses and bacteria, Wu Fiona’s wound is already pitch black, fishy pus constantly seeping out from it, every vibration of the body will bring severe pain to the shoulder, and every time the severe pain comes, it will make her body soft, almost uncontrollably loaded towards the ground.

  Fortunately, there was Lin Yulu who grabbed her hand and pulled her with all his might, so that she would not be caught up by the enemy.

  Wu Fiona knew that the bow and arrow of the Qing army was extremely poisonous, after being hit by an arrow, even if the injury would not be fatal, within a few days the wound would cause the whole body to ulcerate and thus take away a person’s life.

  So, right now, Wu Fiona also knows that her time is running out.

  Looking at Lin Yilu in order to save himself, speed obviously slowed down a lot, she could not help but choked: “Brother Yilu you give Fiona a pain in the neck just hurry up and escape yourself, Fiona already can’t live, you take Fiona, will only drag yourself …… down.”