Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5905

From Wu Fei Yan’s act of folding back alone, it was difficult for Ye Chen and Lin Wan Er to judge her intentions.

  Lin Wan’er, in particular, was worried that Wu Feiyan’s departure from this place was not a genuine attempt to leave the Hundred Thousand Mountains, but that she needed to change to a new destination.

  Therefore, she said to Ye Chen, “My lord, my father once said at first that the stone room where Master Gong, his old man, sailed away to the west, then disappeared out of thin air and became trackless, and he surmised that Master Gong must have used his great magical powers to hide that stone room or move it elsewhere, and the probability is that Wu Feiyan came to the Great Mountain of One Hundred Thousand this time in order to search for the whereabouts of that stone room. “

  Ye Chen nodded and said, “I also think that it is unlikely that Wu Feiyan would leave the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains so quickly, perhaps she has found some new clues.”

  Lin Wan’er said with a somewhat worried expression, “If Wu Feiyan can really find a way to become stronger from the relics left behind by her Senior Grandfather, or if she can find certain elixirs and spells that will be useful to her, won’t her strength be taken to the next level?”

  Ye Chen said, “Back then, Meng Changsheng was able to pass on that ring to your father before his deathbed, so I think he already knew what kind of nature Wu Feiyan had long ago, so he must have tried to beware of it as well.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Wu Feiyan was unable to obtain the relics and inheritance left behind by Meng Changsheng back then, and now, even though three hundred years have passed, I believe that it is still impossible for her to break through the shackles that Meng Changsheng left behind in order to prevent her.”

  Lin Wan’er gently nodded and muttered under her breath, “I hope that’s the case ……”

  At this moment, Wu Feiyan was still travelling all the way to the west, with absolutely no intention of stopping.

  At the same time, Ye Chen received news that the Boeing 777 that Wu Fei Yan had taken when she travelled to Myanmar had already taken off in Myanmar, and the civil aviation software showed that the destination of this plane was the Yong (yōng) State Airport, which was almost two hundred kilometres away from the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

  Combined with the fact that the van that Wu Feiyan was travelling in was also travelling in the direction of Yongzhou, Ye Chen suddenly exclaimed, “Wu Feiyan is leaving China!”

  Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “Why is she leaving in such a hurry? Could it be that she has already found what Master Gong left behind?”

  Ye Chen shook his head, “I don’t know, but Wu Feiyan is leaving in a mess and in a hurry, it doesn’t seem like a normal behaviour after a great harvest.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen added, “And like I said earlier, Meng Changsheng must have been guarding against her during his lifetime, there was no reason to let her find his relics so quickly, so I think Wu Feiyan should have another reason for suddenly leaving.”

  Lin Wan’er was puzzled and murmured, “My lord, my slave always feels as if there is something in this that doesn’t quite make sense, and logically there seems to be something that can’t be justified.”

  Ye Chen said, “It’s impossible for us to feel out the true pulse of the matter by just sitting here and discussing, the best solution is to go there in person and look for clues that we don’t possess.”

  After saying that, he stood up and said with some impatience, “Since she’s leaving, we’ll go! Her plane will be able to arrive in Yongzhou in almost two hours or so, so let’s rush to the airport now and fly to Yongzhou as well! Maybe, we can even rub shoulders with her again at the airport!”

  Seeing Ye Chen’s expression of urgency, Lin Wan’er said without thinking, “My slave will listen to all of your arrangements!”

  Ye Chen said, “I’ll inform the plane to get ready now.”

  An hour later, Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er, took the plane to Yongzhou.

  This time, he didn’t let Richard Chen change shells to rent a business jet, but directly called on the Ye family’s private jet in Jinling.

  The reason why he didn’t hide it anymore was because Ye Chen felt that there was no longer any need to worry that Wu Fei Yan would find out about this situation.