Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5904

  Lin Wan Er shook her head, “Nu Jia is not sure.”

  As she was talking, Wu Fei Yan in the picture stopped a van that was travelling through here, and after talking to the driver of the van for a few words, the driver waved his hand at her, seemingly rejecting her request.

  Wu Feiyan’s expression was a little anxious, she hurriedly took out a stack of red banknotes and handed it to the other party, after the other party took the money, Wu Feiyan immediately stepped into the van and sat in the back.

  Ye Chen was even more puzzled: “Where is Wu Feiyan going?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “Back to my son, I can’t understand.”

  Ye Chen then said, “Keep an eye on her first, see where this car is going.”


  In the extremely underdeveloped mountainous townships, the surveillance was mainly focused on the traffic roads, so Lin Wan’er could directly track the van’s movements by constantly switching the surveillance on the road.

  Soon, the vehicle left the township and headed towards the entrance of the motorway.

  At this moment, in the van that was leaking everywhere.

  Wu Feiyan couldn’t wait to leave China as soon as possible, so she sent a message to her crew, asking them to apply for a flight route as soon as possible, and fly directly from Myanmar to the nearest airport.

  Wu Feiyan was smuggled in, originally according to her plan, after leaving the 100,000 mountains, she also wanted to smuggle out of the country on the same route, and then take a flight back to the Broken Qing Society’s compound from Myanmar.

  However, the sudden change of events made her unwilling to stay in Huaxia for one more minute, only thinking of leaving here as soon as possible.

  Ten minutes later, the van drove out of a tunnel, Wu Feiyan recognised that this was the same bridge where she had abandoned her car earlier, so she deliberately asked the driver, “Master, if a car hasn’t driven out of the highway for a long time, will anyone go looking for it?”

  The driver did not look back and said: “Which have that free time yo, the entrance to the card, the exit to collect money is good, who will worry about which car under the highway or not?”

  Wu Feiyan added: “The entrance to each car is issued a billing card, if the card has not been settled from the exit, the road operator does not investigate?”

  ”Investigate? Check the hammer ……,” the driver said with a grimace, “Every day rubbing the ETC car so much, the road administration can’t catch over, which still have the work to care about who got off the highway or not.”

  Said, he picked up his own motorway electronic card, said to Wu Feiyan: “Just such a thing, no use, when we go out of the highway, I will just find a car in the exit of the ETC to rub a little on the past, a penny do not have to pay, not only a penny do not have to pay, but also can be smooth them a card, my family has saved a drawer of this kind of card. “

  Once Wu Feiyan heard this, he completely put down his heart, the vehicle that was crashed into the cliff by himself, for a while will certainly not be found, he has enough time to escape from Huaxia without revealing himself.


  At this time, Ye Chen and Lin Wan Er also did not expect, Wu Fei Yan in the road to stop down the van, on the highway, but also towards the direction of Wu Fei Yan driving.

  Ye Chen frowned and opened his mouth to ask, “Is Wu Fei Yan leaving?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, “It looks like it, but this seems to be too fast, she went through a lot of trouble to get to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, how come she has to leave after only one night?”

  Ye Chen said, “I can’t figure it out either, and I feel as if she left in this car in a bit of a mess.”

  Lin Wan Er was puzzled, “With Wu Fei Yan’s strength, even Gongzi has to avoid her, what else could make her in a sorry state?”

  Ye Chen said, “That’s unknown.”

  Saying this, Ye Chen said with some excitement, “No matter what, let’s keep an eye on this car, as long as Wu Feiyan leaves the Hundred Thousand Mountains, we can hurry over there!”