Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5903

Hearing these words, Wu Fei Yan only felt a chill go straight from the soles of her feet to her scalp.

  Ever since she had been saved by chance by Meng Changsheng in the Hundred Thousand Mountains more than three hundred years ago to the present day, she had never felt so frightened and overwhelmed.

  The last time she had panicked was when she had seen Meng Changsheng’s portrait on the internet.

  But now, she had suddenly realised that her master, who had originally reached the end of his days more than three hundred years ago and sailed away to the west, might still be alive today!

  The impact this had on her was absolutely unprecedented!

  Wu Feiyan could not suppress the fear in her heart at all, and her voice trembled a little as she said, “Master …… disciple …… disciple knows the wrong …… “

  At this time, a furious shout exploded in Wu Feiyan’s ears as Meng Changsheng chided with an extremely cold voice: “Still not quick to get out!”

  This chorus was like a thunderbolt hammering Wu Feiyan’s heart.

  At this moment, she didn’t dare to hesitate and delay any longer, and hurriedly stood up, bowing fearfully towards the stone wall, “Master redeem me, disciple will roll …… this time.”

  After saying that, she couldn’t wait to turn around, dragging those legs that were like lead, staggering and escaping from the cave.

  Since coming out of the cave mansion, Wu Feiyan didn’t dare to make any stops and flew towards the outside of the mountain.

  Her heartbeat was unprecedentedly fast and heavy, and after escaping more than ten miles in one breath, her mouth couldn’t help but mutter, ”How is this possible?…… How in the world is this possible?…… That old thing wasn’t reached his great limit more than three hundred years ago? Why would it live until today?”

  Saying that, she couldn’t help but question, “No! Whether he is dead or alive is not yet clear! Maybe he really didn’t die, or maybe his consciousness is still there after he died, or maybe he died a long time ago and left behind nothing more than a formation to tease me ……”

  In Wu Fei Yan’s mind, for a while, he could not find an answer that could make him more convinced.

  Although she felt that all three scenarios were possible, she still didn’t dare to take the risk, at the moment, she only thought of hurrying to escape from this place, escaping from the Hundred Thousand Mountains and escaping from Huaxia.


  Just as Wu Feiyan was fleeing from the 100,000 Mountains, Ye Chen was working with Lin Wan’er, constantly switching the real-time images of all the surveillance cameras in the dozens of kilometres around Wu Feiyan’s disappearing position.

  This place is located deep in the mountains, on the side of the highway of nearly a hundred kilometres, there are only two very small townships, and the number of surveillance is also pitifully small.

  However, in order to increase the efficiency of the screening, Lin Wan’er called in Lao Zhang, Sun Zhidong, and the husband and wife duo Qiu Yingshan.

  The four senile old men who were nearly a hundred years old, in order to help the two share the workload, all also used a computer each, constantly switching the surveillance screen to look for Wu Feiyan.

  Ye Chen originally thought that Wu Fei Yan would probably not appear so early, but in order to be cautious, he still kept a close watch for fear of missing something.

  In order to not let several old people as well as Lin Wan’er get too tired, Ye Chen also gave them some refreshing water with an enhanced Blood Dispersing Heart Saver, which by the way could also increase the life expectancy of several old people by one or two years.

  The crowd watched from night to dawn, none of them felt tired, and even the symptoms of dry eyes did not appear.

  At this time, Lin Wan’er suddenly pointed at her computer screen and said in a loud voice, “It’s Wu Feiyan!”

  Ye Chen hurriedly came over and looked at the image in the surveillance, a woman was walking quickly and expressionlessly on the country road in the early morning, walking head on towards the direction where the surveillance was located.

  Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “Where is this surveillance?”

  Lin Wan’er said, “The section of the highway where Wu Feiyan disappeared, the exit more than twenty kilometres further forward, a township called Erdao Mountain.”

  Ye Chen asked in disbelief, “She disappeared halfway, I think she used some method to leave the highway, why did she suddenly appear here again? If her destination is here, then why not just drive there?”