Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5902

  Immediately, she turned around and picked up the sword that had been shaken away again, and coldly said in her heart, “Hmph! Since it’s a formation, even if the ability contained in it is strong, sooner or later, it will be exhausted one day, I will definitely chop this stone wall of yours to pieces today and find out what’s going on!”

After saying that, Wu Fei Yan swung her long sword with her left hand, once again wrapping it in powerful true qi and chopping it down towards the stone wall with all her might!

In a flash of lightning, only to hear the sound of a boom, Wu Fei Yan did not have time to react, he only felt that his left hand was shaken by a great force, his left hand was numb, and the long sword that he was holding tightly in his tiger’s mouth was once again shaken and flew out!

This time the strength of the stone wall rebounded back, not weaker than the strike just now, which made Wu Fei Yan expression instantly surged a few points of panic.

She could understand that a formation was strong, but what she couldn’t understand was that this formation had clearly expended a great deal of strength in the first rebound, so why was the strength of the second rebound not reduced in the slightest?

In this way, one could not even speculate on how strong the aura contained within this formation was.

Wu Fei Yan was shocked and angry, feeling as if she had been teased and humiliated by the formation left behind by Meng Changsheng.

She clenched her teeth and rebuked in a stern voice, ”Did you lay down such a powerful formation just to guard against me? I am your disciple! Three hundred years ago since you were already about to reach the end of your days, why did you pass on your lifelong learning as well as your magic treasures and artefacts to me? You said you were waiting for the Dragon Rising Grid, but there is no such thing as a Dragon Rising Grid? Besides, even if there is a Dragon Rising Grid, so what? You’ve never met him, why would you leave him all your treasures? What’s wrong with me, Wu Feiyan?”

Wu Feiyan roared in anger, mainly to vent her heart’s resentment, but at the moment her words had just fallen, a strong man’s voice suddenly rang out from within the stone cave, “Sinful disciple, I’ve told you that you shall not set foot in the 100,000 Mountains again, what are you doing back here?!”

This voice, what time will Wu Feiyan, scared to death!

Because this voice she was more than familiar with, the owner of this voice, is his own master Meng Changsheng.

At this moment, her brain is almost short-circuited, a moment later came back to God, plopped down on the ground, said in fear: “Master, disciple …… disciple is not intentionally disobedient, just many years have not come back to pay homage to your old man, today specially rushed to pay homage to you, is not intentionally offensive to your old man! ……”

After saying this, Wu Feiyan then immediately began to carefully but that voice’s reply.

The words just now were a cover up and at the same time a test.

She deliberately mentioned that she had rushed to pay her respects today, just to see how that voice would reply.

This was because although she was now able to determine that the voice was that of her master, she had yet to figure out whether the voice came from the formation or from reality.

If it was from a formation, it would prove that before his death, the Master had guessed that he would definitely come back one day, and that was why he had specially set up a maze for himself, so that he would know what to do.

But if the voice was from reality, that would be extraordinary, because that would mean that one’s master was still alive.

That was why she specifically said that, just to hear how the other party would reply.

If the other party was looking around, that would prove that the first possibility was a bit more likely.

If the other party directly came with a sentence that I don’t need an inferior disciple like you to pay homage, then it would prove that the Master was indeed still alive.

Thus, while Wu Fei Yan was incomparably alert, he was also silently and anxiously waiting for the other party’s reply.

At this moment, then he heard the voice coldly chortle, “On account of the fact that you and I are master and disciple, I won’t make things difficult for you today, just remember, don’t ever return to the 100,000 Mountains in this life!”