Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5900

  Seeing these seemingly irregularly placed stone pillars, Wu Feiyan was not half surprised, instead, she stroked these stone pillars with some emotion, and muttered under her breath, “Senior, senior brother, Feiyan is back.”

Saying that, she stepped into the stone forest, and in the middle of the stone forest, she kept travelling left and right according to a specific pattern.

This stone forest was the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation that her senior, Meng Changsheng, had laid down during his lifetime.

The subtlety of this formation was that if one did not know the way to break the formation, no matter if one walked into this stone forest formation from any position, it was impossible to find the exit in the true sense of the word.

The only way for outsiders to break this formation is to destroy all the stone pillars and leave no one behind.

However, this formation was originally used by Meng Changsheng to guard the cave, and according to his planning, once someone forced their way in, before the other party destroyed all of the stone forests, he would already be the first to know;

If the other party was not as strong as him, then he would be able to strike in the dark and kill the other party;

If he encountered someone stronger than him, Meng Changsheng was not afraid, because these stone pillars composed of stone forests, the scale is huge, the number of, and each stone pillar is extremely thick and heavy, the other party wants to destroy all need to spend a lot of time and energy, he will have enough time to escape, so that when the other party will destroy the stone forests, he would have already escaped.

Back then, Meng Changsheng was relying on this formation, hiding his cultivation cave, for hundreds of years, no one was able to break in.

The only two people who had entered were Wu Feiyan and her senior brother Lin Yilu.

Wu Feiyan, who had returned to this place once again, picked a route with ease and then quickly travelled left and right through the stone forest.

After many times of travelling, Wu Feiyan suddenly dodged, and in front of her appeared the exit of the Eight Trigrams Formation, an artificially carved arch-shaped stone door.

On both sides of the stone door, a pair of couplets were engraved in wild cursive calligraphy, with the first couplet being eight hundred years of closed-door cultivation, and the second couplet being nearly a thousand years of wearing the stars and the moon.

The upper and lower couplets were mediocre, but the horizontal inscription was very different, other people’s couplets, the horizontal inscription was mostly four words, but the horizontal inscription of this pair of couplets was five words: can we get longevity?

Wu Feiyan was very familiar with this couplet, she raised her head to look at the five words in the middle, and muttered under her breath: “Master, what is longevity? Five hundred years or a thousand years? You have lived for a thousand years, renamed yourself Everlasting Life and cultivated here for 500 years, but in the end, you still can’t escape death? Is there a way in this world to live the same life as heaven and earth?”

Speaking here, Wu Fei Yan mockingly smiled and shook her head, “It’s Fei Yan who is overthinking, how would you know the answer, if you knew, then you wouldn’t have died three hundred years ago.”

With that, she didn’t look at the couplet one more time and raised her hand to push the arched stone door open.

The gate opened, inside the gate was a stone room of about forty square metres, Wu Feiyan was very familiar with this place, back then, she and her senior brother, Lin Yilu, had spent the whole day cultivating here.

At this time, within the stone room there was also the futon that the two had meditated on back then, and there was even a dark and long-dried blood stain on the ground, which was left behind when she stabbed Lin Yilu with her sword back then.

Lin Feiyan was in a trance, and was also somewhat stunned, she reached out and stroked the blood that had dried up for more than three hundred years, and murmured: ”Senior brother, the sword that Feiyan stabbed in your heart back then still causes Feiyan severe pain in her heart, back then, if you had agreed to Feiyan, how could you and I be separated by the yin and yang for three hundred years? If you and I had joined forces, we might have driven the Qing dogs out of the border, and the world would have been ours. I blame you for not being able to recognise the time and not being able to enjoy it.”

Saying that, she also couldn’t help but chant in a low voice: “Everything in front of me, compared to three hundred years ago, except for the blood of senior brother dried up, it seems that there hasn’t been any change, that is to say, in the past these three hundred years, no one has ever come back here ……”

Then, she gave a slight beat and frowned, “In that case, the person who took out the portrait of Senior Brother has also never come here, and neither have the Ye Changyi couple, so who exactly is that person? And where did the Ye Changwei couple find the secret of longevity?”