Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5899

Ye Chen knew very well that what he was looking for this time was not Wu Fei Yan, but the place that Wu Fei Yan was going to.

The fact that he had released Meng Changsheng’s portrait, and that Wu Feiyan had immediately let the Broken Qing Society go into silence, proved that she was indeed very frightened.

But the more terrified she was, the more she quietly came to Huaxia alone and went to the Hundred Thousand Mountains, which proved that she was bound to be very urgent at the moment.

Ye Chen surmised that the probability was that she had gone to look for the secret that Meng Changsheng had left behind back then, perhaps the secret of longevity that Uncle Changsheng had mentioned before.

Therefore, after Wu Feiyan left the Hundred Thousand Mountains, he himself would go in to look for it, first of all, regardless of whether or not there would be any gains, at the very least, it would not add to the danger.

And at the same time.

In the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains.

Wu Feiyan was like a female warrior in a martial arts film hanging from a waiya and flying over the walls, quickly shuttling between the dense forests in the deep mountains, and the lofty mountains and deep forests in the eyes of ordinary people were as if they were walking on the ground in front of her.

Although she went deeper and deeper into the mountains, her condition was smoother and smoother.

After she moved away from the motorway and gradually entered the deep mountains, she found that the 100,000 mountains in front of her hadn’t changed much compared to three hundred years ago.

The green mountains here were still the same, and they were also still nowhere to be seen.

With the memory of that year, Wu Feiyan walked from dawn to darkness in the deep mountains.

At night in the mountains and forests, can not see the fingers, moonlight and starlight are almost all blocked by dense trees, and because of the night air humidity is getting bigger and bigger, the mountains and forests have been covered by fog, ordinary people in this place is difficult to walk, but Wu Feiyan seems to be able to see through the darkness and fog, all the way to the speed does not reduce, stride forward.

At this time, she is surrounded by insects, snakes, rats and ants, as well as a variety of animals and beasts, but wherever Wu Feiyan goes, all the animals are scattered, want to be as far away from her as possible.

After nearly half an hour of travelling through the mist, Wu Feiyan came to the bottom of a valley with extremely low terrain, where the mist was already a bit thick and shocking, and the humidity in the air was even exaggerated to the point of being able to squeeze out water.

And because the valley terrain is too low, a large amount of moisture and carbon dioxide deposited here, so that the oxygen content at the bottom of the valley is very low, ordinary people here, it is simply impossible to survive for too long.

What’s even more frightening is that the air here is not only humidity and carbon dioxide, but also a large number of toxic components similar to methane gas emanating from rotting trees and marshes, which, after an unknown number of years of fermentation and a variety of natural chemical reactions, formed a miasma that is highly toxic to mammals.

Moreover, although this place is not populated, there are often wild animals foraging for food that come here by mistake, and soon after the animals come in, they fall unconscious due to the lack of oxygen and the toxic ingredients in the air until they die, and after they die, their bodies rot in it, and the decomposition of the rotting bodies by microorganisms makes the air here even more dangerous.

If someone is really blind and crosses countless mountains to come here, it is basically a no-return.

However, when Wu Feiyan came here, her expression was not half nervous, instead, she was getting more and more excited.

She did not think twice about stepping into this mist, the filthy and toxic fog, although it would not cause substantial harm to her, but it made her a little nauseous, so she held her breath and walked all the way to the deepest part of the lowest.

At this time, the bottom of the valley has no light, Wu Feiyan Fang out of the divine sense of filling the surrounding, everything around her to her, will be as clear as possible.

When she came to the deepest part of the valley, in front of Wu Feiyan, there appeared many thick stone pillars that were five or six metres high and two or three metres wide.

Although these stone pillars looked natural, without any traces of man-made processing, it seemed that they should not have appeared here in large quantities, and it seemed that someone had intentionally collected these stone pillars and placed them here.

Moreover, these stone pillars were in large numbers, and were placed in a disorderly manner like a stone forest.