Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5898

  After only a few minutes, Ye Chen and Lin Wan Er got a detailed data, this data contained the time and place where Wu Fei Yan’s car had recently appeared under all the traffic monitoring systems.

Ye Chen ignored all the previous information and looked directly at the last one, and the last piece of information showed that this car had just travelled at 120km/h half an hour ago, via a service area named Dashanzi on the highway leading to the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains in Diannan. I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do this, but I’m sure you’ll be able to do it.

The surveillance that captured the vehicle’s information was the main road surveillance outside the service area, and this surveillance was just between the entrance and exit of the service area.

In other words, being captured by it meant that the car directly skipped the Dashanzi service area and continued to travel by the main road towards the heading.

Ye Chen looked at the previous surveillance node information again, and found that what was rather strange was that before this car was on the highway, travelling at 120km, it would be recorded by the surveillance roughly every five minutes or so, which meant that the distance between the surveillance intervals on this highway was roughly around ten kilometres.

And Wu Feiyan half an hour ago way to the last record point, according to her then speed speculation, she has now continued to drive forward 60 kilometres.

However, the system could not see any new records, which proved that Wu Feiyan’s driving status had probably changed.

So Ye Chen immediately inquired about the next monitoring location in the west to east direction of the Dashanzi service area, and found that the next monitoring was just 22 kilometres away.

If Wu Feiyan had maintained a speed of 120 kilometres, she should have passed through this monitoring area ten or twenty minutes ago, but her vehicle did not appear here, which meant that she had either reduced her speed to less than fifty kilometres per hour, or had stopped her vehicle at one of the 22 kilometres.

On the satellite map, Ye Chen took a screenshot of the location of this section, and said to Lin Wan’er on the side, “Let’s wait and see, if Wu Feiyan is late in not appearing at the next monitoring point, then the probability is that she has already left the highway in the middle of this section of the road.”

Lin Wan Er said, “This 22 kilometres of highway, there is no service area and no exit, if she left from here, the only possibility is to leave the highway directly on foot.”

Ye Chen nodded and added, “This place is almost all viaducts and tunnels, the only possibility for her to leave here is to jump directly from the viaduct.”

Lin Wan’er said with approval, “It’s impossible for the motorway to be built so coincidentally to the place where Master Gong was in seclusion back then, Wu Feiyan is bound to find the closest point via the motorway before abandoning her car and hiking.”

Ye Chen said, “So the place where your Senior Grandfather was in seclusion back then should not be too far away from this twenty-two kilometre motorway.”

Lin Wan’er asked him, “What does Gongzi think we should do next?”

Ye Chen said, “The hottest blooded answer would be to kill now to find her whereabouts, but practically speaking, I am not as strong as her, and she has already seen us, so if we appear in front of her once again, we are bound to be suspected, so my suggestion is to wait! If Wu Feiyan abandons her car here, then we’ll have no way to track that car anymore, so we’ll wait in Jinling for Wu Feiyan to re-enter our sights!”