Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5897

  It was only until no other person or vehicle appeared within the coverage of her divine sense that she suddenly opened her eyes, thrusting her hands in the air towards that buggy, and shouting under her breath, “Up!”

As soon as the words fell, the buggy tumbled as if it was blown by the wind, and then rose up in the air.

A bizarre scene also happened at this instant.

The buggy, which weighed more than two tonnes, seemed to have turned into a paper mache in this instant, tumbling and falling slowly at the same time.

Wu Fei Yan’s aura always wrapped the buggy firmly, allowing the buggy to slowly sink at an extremely slow speed, but this kind of pure use of aura to manipulate objects weighing several tonnes in the air was also a very big drain on Wu Fei Yan’s aura, so when the buggy fell below the bridge, she immediately changed the aura that wrapped the entire vehicle to only wrap the fuel tank and battery of the buggy.

At this instant, the speed of the vehicle’s descent suddenly accelerated, and immediately after, it smashed heavily onto the ground with a loud bang, breaking many tree branches along the way.

But the good thing is that the fuel tank and battery are protected by the aura, so although the car fell to the overall deformation, glass broken, but did not catch fire and explode, so after a burst of impact sound, the valley will soon tend to be calm again.

And then, Wu Feiyan leapt, the whole person not tightly and slowly fell to the ground.

The valley was overgrown with all kinds of trees, and the SUV smashed a gap directly on the dense woods.

With a thought, Wu Fei Yan’s aura wrapped around a large number of smashed branches, and then covered the buggy tightly.

Afterwards, she tidied up the hem of her clothes and walked towards the depths of the mountain without looking back.


At the same time.

All of Shuanglang’s surveillance videos had been transferred to a special cloud server by Sun Zhidong’s subordinates.

After Sun Zhidong gave Lin Wan’er the address and key of the cloud server, Lin Wan’er was in her own boudoir, together with Ye Chen, guarding a laptop computer to watch back the surveillance videos.

Although there was no surveillance on Turtleback Mountain, Lin Wan’er looked forward to the surveillance at the entrance to the mountain based on the time that Wu Feiyan had gone up the mountain, and soon found Wu Feiyan’s figure.

Starting from this surveillance probe and working backwards to Shuanglang Ancient Town, all of Wu Feiyan’s routes were all within the scope of the surveillance.

Thus, the two of them easily found the SUV driven by Wu Feiyan in the car park.

In China, it was possible for a person to evade surveillance, but basically it was impossible for a car to do so.

As long as the road can be over the car, not to say that the whole monitoring, but the main entrances and exits are bound to have.

Moreover, the road traffic monitoring, with the function of number plate recognition, it can identify the licence plate number, so it seems that a large number of video and image data, can be transformed into a system with a clear label of the data retained in the system.

With this layer of transformation, as long as the input of the licence plate number, you will be able to retrieve the car appeared in all the road surveillance under the video, images and the corresponding time points.

Wu Feiyan had never thought that there would be someone who would prejudge that she would go to Diannan, and even more so, Lin Wan’er had dared to act herself out under her own nose, so it was even more unthinkable for her to think that there was someone who had already bitten their own tail at this very moment and had begun to look for clues about themselves along their own tails.