Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5895

  Lin Wan’er asked excitedly, “Doesn’t that mean that with it, Gongzi will definitely be able to defeat Wu Feiyan as well as the Broken Qing Society in the future?”

Ye Chen seriously said, “Wu Fei Yan’s personal strength is very strong, after all, it is the one that has opened the Mud Pill Palace, I am not in the same realm as her at all, give me another twenty to thirty years, I may not be her opponent either, but with this tea tree in place, at least you can mass produce a group of monks like the Four Earls that are not bad in terms of strength, if you can’t win in terms of quality, then you will put up a fight in terms of quantity, and the tactics of the sea of men Although it’s a little behind, it’s not without a chance to win.”

Lin Wan’er gently nodded, looking at the seedling and sighed, “Now it’s up to her to grow up faster ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, “Just be normal, she has her own creation.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Right, Miss Lin please ask old Mr Sun to come over, talk to him about the monitoring.”

Lin Wan’er stood up and said, “Wait a moment, sir, I’ll give Old Sun a call.”

Soon, Sun Zhidong, who was in a much younger physical state, came jogging all the way to the top floor of the special courtyard.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, he said respectfully, “Miss, Mr Ye, what are you two looking for me to order?”

Lin Wan’er said, “Is there any way to mobilise all the surveillance in Diannan these days without alerting anyone?”

Sun Zhidong said, “Miss, as long as the surveillance belonging to the municipal government, it can all be found within the system, my authority is high and I can do it without any trace, you just need to tell me where you need to mobilise the surveillance.”

Lin Wan Er nodded, recalling that Wu Fei Yan appeared on Turtleback Mountain at ten minutes early yesterday morning, so she said, “You first mobilise the surveillance of the entire territory of Shuang Lang for me.”

“Good.” Sun Zhidong said, “Miss wait a moment, I will arrange for someone to prepare it, they will use a dedicated line to transfer all the video content to a cloud server, after the transfer is complete, you will be able to view it on the server at your leisure.”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head slightly in satisfaction and said, “You go and do it quickly, I’ll wait for your news.”

Sun Zhidong immediately said, “Yes Miss, I’ll arrange it right away.”


At the same time.

In the middle of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, a highway that snaked like a long dragon was interspersed between countless great mountains, and an off-road vehicle was travelling at high speed between the mountains.

The woman driving the car had a serious expression, her hands gripping the steering wheel, obviously a little nervous.

But she was nervous, not because of the lack of driving experience, but because of the growing sense of familiarity that the surroundings brought to her.

The woman driving the car was Wu Feiyan.

Although she hadn’t been to the Hundred Thousand Mountains for many years, she still knew the place like the back of her hand.

Back then, this place was a huge labyrinth of nature’s ingenious work, blocking the Qing soldiers that surrounded her and Lin Yulu, and also bringing them a rare chance.

Nowadays, the 100,000 mountains, which were originally difficult to walk through, have been completely opened up by this highway, with countless tunnels and bridges linking this place closely to the outside world.

However, although the highway can change the traffic of the 100,000 mountains, but can not change the special landscape of the 100,000 mountains, here since ancient times on the mountains, sparsely populated, the traffic is extremely inconvenient, often over a few hills to see a village, some villages in the village, a lifetime has not been out of their own life half a step of the mountains.

And these years with the continuous development of the economy, urbanisation continues to promote, many generations living in the mountains of the mountain people, has long been gradually moved out of the mountains, now the population of the mountains, but less than Wu Feiyan and Lin Yuyu’s generation.

At this time, Wu Feiyan’s car just drove through a service area, but she did not choose to stop, but after continuing to drive more than ten kilometres, she pulled over and parked her car on the emergency lane.

After stabilising the car, she slowly stepped out of the car, stood on the roadside and gazed into the distance for a moment, muttering under her breath, “This is the place …… Master, Feiyan has come back to see you ……”