Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5894

All went well on Ye Chen and Lin Wan Er’s return journey.

The plane took off at 8:30 sharp and arrived in Jinling at 11:00 am sharp.

At noon, the two rushed back to Zijinshan Manor, this way, Lin Wan’er held the young plant of the Mother of Pu Cha throughout the journey, not daring to relax for a moment.

After returning to the Purple Mountain Manor, Lin Wan’er asked everyone in the mountain manor to take refuge for the time being, and came to the top floor of the courtyard with Ye Chen, and then immediately set about replanting the young plant of the Mother of Universal Tea.

And as she looked around the courtyard, if she didn’t cut down the other trees in the courtyard, then there was really only the open space by the hot spring pool that was the most suitable.

She pointed to the open space and said to Ye Chen, “According to the normal growth rate of tea trees, the space here is probably enough for a tea tree to grow for ten to eight years, I just don’t know how fast the Mother of Universal Tea grows, if it grows to a certain size and there is not enough space in the soil here, it will have to be changed to another place.”

Ye Chen laughed, “Don’t worry about that first, just settle it here for the time being, it was able to live to fight against the heavenly tribulation in its last life, this life surely won’t die prematurely just because of moving the place a few times, just settle it here first, and maybe it will be changed to some other place in the future, and maybe it can also be transplanted to Erlang Mountain after you take over the Zhicheng Group and remodel Erlang Mountain. ”

Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “This tree is Gongzi’s, the slave is only caring for it on Gongzi’s behalf, in the future if it can’t be planted here anymore, if Gongzi says where to move it to, the slave will move it to wherever Gongzi wants it to go.”

Ye Chen said seriously, “You have been with her for the longest time, where to plant it in the future, let you decide.”

Lin Wan’er nodded, “Slaves all listen to your son.”

Saying that, she took the small shovel used for gardening, and dug a pit about the size of a basketball in the soil beside the hot spring pool, carefully put the root of the Mother of Pu Cha into it, and filled it in with some of the soil she dug out, and then brought in a wooden water ladle, and scooped up some room temperature water from the water tank beside the hot spring pool, and carefully poured the water down along the edge.

At this time, the midday sunlight shone on top of the delicate green leaves, illuminating them into a translucent form, Lin Wan Er looked at the perfect green leaves, her face full of information.

Ye Chen surveyed the seedling and said in confusion, “It grew so fast all of a sudden last night, and the two missing leaves have unconsciously recovered as they were, so why doesn’t anything seem to have changed at this moment.”

Lin Wan’er said, “Maybe all the energy she has accumulated was used in the one that broke the ground, and will enter a long slow growth period next, after all, it takes thirty years for a Pu’er Tea Tree to become a tree.”

Ye Chen nodded, “Her current few leaves are as effective as a Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill for ordinary people, and for cultivators, they are even more rare treasures, after all, no matter how much Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill is eaten, it can’t possibly be converted into aura in the body;”

“But the leaves of this tea tree naturally contain aura, which is especially rare;”

“Even though I can refine many pills, so far, only the Peiyuan Pill can grow spiritual qi, and the other pills can only treat injuries and prolong life;”

“But the Peiyuan Dan is too troublesome to refine, and the demand for all kinds of materials is relatively high, so really wanting to refine in bulk and have a stable supply is simply unrealistic;”

“If we wait for this tea tree to become mature, with the Pu’er Tea Tree’s normal production capacity, it will be able to send out at least a few hundred to a thousand shoots every day, if she still retains the attribute of containing spiritual qi by then, it will definitely be a heavenly treasure, and with such a constant flow of spiritual qi as a source, it can even be used to start a sect.”