Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5892

Lin Wan Er’s request made Ye Chen unable to find a reason to refuse.

The 100,000 mountains were certainly dangerous for a weak woman like Lin Wan’er, but with himself here, that bit of danger was nothing.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen agreed and said, “Since that’s the case, then we’ll go together when the time comes.” 篳 Interesting Court

Lin Wan’er nodded her head joyfully and excitedly said, “Thank you, gongzi! I will definitely try my best not to cause any trouble for Your Excellency!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly, sat down on the ground beside the Mother of Pu Cha, and spoke, “Let’s both wait here for a while, and wait until dawn to dig out this young plant to go to the airport.”

Lin Wan’er nodded her head and also sat down on the other side of the Mother of Pu Cha with her knees hugged, looking at the sparkling and quiet water of the Heavenly Pond, and asked softly, “Do you think that the torrential rain just now was an illusion or real?”

Ye Chen thought for a moment, “It should be an illusion, right? What do you think?”

Lin Wan’er pondered for a moment and said, “My slave feels that it seems to be between real and an illusion.”

Ye Chen frowned slightly, “Shouldn’t it be either one or the other?”

Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “It always feels as if it’s half-true and half-false, true and false, fake and true.”

Ye Chen smiled, “Tomorrow morning you can ask the nearby villagers if they heard thunder and rain last night, the commotion just now was so big, if it was real, then it’s impossible for the surrounding villagers not to feel it.”

Lin Wan’er gently nodded and muttered under her breath, “It seems like it won’t be that simple again ……”

After saying that, she looked towards Ye Chen and said with a smile, “Nu Jia might have complicated the issue.”

Ye Chen nodded his head without thinking too much, looked at the camping equipment he brought with him when he got off the bus, and asked her, “Miss Lin didn’t bother to rest even after running around for so long, do you want me to put up the tent and you sleep for a while first?”

Lin Wan’er asked Ye Chen, “Is Gongzi tired?”

Ye Chen casually said, “I won’t be tired even if I don’t sleep for a month, besides, I have to keep an eye on the Mother of Pu Tea every inch of the way, if this is dug up, I’m afraid I’ll regret it.”

Lin Wan’er shyly said, “Nu Jia doesn’t feel tired either, after eating that leaf just now, the whole person feels refreshed, the body is indescribably relaxed and easy, not tired at all.”

Ye Chen nodded, although Lin Wan Er did not master Reiki, Reiki, an extremely pure energy, had an effect on anyone.

With the spiritual qi contained in that leaf of the Mother of Pu Tea just now, its efficacy was already almost able to be worth a quarter of a Scattered Blood Saving Dan, it was not a big problem for an ordinary person to eat a piece of it to live for a year and a half more, and their physical state would be significantly improved, no matter what kind of disease they were suffering from, it would be able to have a greater improvement.

The Ancient Evergreen Pill that Lin Wan’er had taken was the ceiling of her current lifespan, and she wouldn’t even get sick until she was five hundred years old, so in this case, the leaves of the Mother of Universal Tea couldn’t prolong her lifespan or get rid of her illnesses, but it was able to make it seem as if her body was on an infinite wind-up, and she couldn’t feel the slightest bit of fatigue.

Since both of them were completely sleepless, Ye Chen didn’t open up to assemble a tent, and he and Lin Wan’er just sat by the side of the Heavenly Pond, immersed in looking at the stars in the sky and chatting about their respective pasts.

Ye Chen enjoyed the state he was in when he was chatting with Lin Wan’er, ever since his parents passed away, he had reservations about anyone, to his wife Xiao Churan, he concealed his identity and strength, and to the people who followed him around him, as well as a few other confidantes, although Ye Chen gradually disclosed his identity and strength to them, he had never told anyone about the miraculous encounter that he had had in the first place when he had obtained the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures.