Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5890

Lin Wan’er came to Diannan this time, the expected goals have all been reached, back to Dali, worshipped her parents and returned to the edge of the Tianchi where the mother of Pu Cha failed to cross the threshold back then.

Ye Chen suddenly said that she wanted to leave, and she didn’t have any regrets in her heart.

What’s more, this time to Diannan, unexpectedly there are unexpected gains, before successfully in the eyes of Wu Feiyan limit a hand, and now accidentally got a new life of the mother of Pu tea young plant.

Only, Ye Chen said that he would bring the Mother of Pu Tea back to Jinling, making her heart extraordinarily nervous.

Originally, she was thinking that she should let the Mother of Pu Cha’s reborn young plant continue to grow here.

But Ye Chen’s words, again, moved her, in any field, along the route of failure set in stone to retrace one side, the result is only failure, the Mother of Pu Tea’s last life’s transition, like a protracted physics experiment, like scientists in search of room temperature superconductors struggling for a lifetime, seeing all the data is infinitely close, but just can’t break through the last layer.

If another lifetime is spent on the wrong research all over again, the result will definitely not change.

Perhaps several thousand or ten thousand years later, this mother of Pucha will have to endure the lightning strikes of the Heavenly Wheel of Reincarnation here once again, and then fail to cross the threshold once again.

However, by that time, I’m afraid that there wouldn’t be another Ye Chen to help her to be reborn in Nirvana.

Thinking of this, Lin Wan’er accepted Ye Chen’s decision to bring this young plant back to Jinling.

She had guarded the Mother of Puerh Tea for many years, and not only did she know the Mother of Puerh Tea extremely well, she also had far more experience than normal in the cultivation of Puerh Tea.

But even so, she was still worried that taking the risk of transplanting this freshly grown seedling would put the seedling at risk of dying.

Ye Chen saw that she had been hesitant as if she didn’t know where to start, so he relieved her at the side: “Miss Lin, don’t worry, she has already birthed the aura, it will definitely not die so easily, let’s take her back to cultivate her properly, maybe next year, we can make tea with her tea leaves.”

Lin Wan’er gently nodded and asked him, “Gongzi, when will the plane arrive?”

Ye Chen said, “Wait a bit, I’ll make a call to arrange it.”

After saying that, he immediately called Richard Chen.

Since the two of them had come to Diannan, they had asked Richard Chen to use the business jet rented by the waistcoat company, so scheduling was not that convenient.

Because Ye Chen didn’t set a return date before he left, and Richard Chen didn’t dare to be generous enough to keep paying for the plane to wait at Lijiang Airport, so he just chartered a one-way trip, and the plane had already returned to the eastern region on the same day it arrived in Lijiang, so if he wanted to dispatch a plane over now, he could only negotiate with the business jet company on an ad-hoc basis.

The company operating the business aircraft in the expedited scheduling, coordinated to a Gulfstream business aircraft currently docked in the provincial capital of Spring City, the fastest this business aircraft will have to wait until 8:30 in the morning to arrive at the Banna Airport.

Richard Chen called Ye Chen back, and after explaining the situation, he said very apologetically, “Young master I’m sorry, it’s me who didn’t think it through, if you’re in a hurry, I can immediately coordinate a Ye family plane to go there, and it can arrive in as soon as two hours.”

Ye Chen said, “This is not your problem, I myself did not expect to have to go back in such a hurry.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “But the hurry is not more than these few hours, you’d better coordinate a third party’s business jet over normally, I’ll go to the airport again at eight o’clock tomorrow morning.”

Seeing that Ye Chen had already made a decision, Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Young Master, in that case, I’ll confirm the itinerary with the business jet company’s side right now, do you see anything else you need me to do right now?”

“Nope.” Ye Chen said, “After you make the arrangements for me, don’t tell anyone that I’m going back to Jinling, because I’m going back you guys will probably only stay for a short period of one or two days, and I’ll have to come out again right away, and this time I won’t see anyone when I go back.”