Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5888

Ye Chen saw Lin Wan’er’s tender face was full of refusal, then opened his mouth to persuade: “All pulled down, do not taste is a waste, not to mention, you are the only understanding of the mother of the Pu Tea, just rely on the feeling of judgement is useless, you have to taste in order to determine the final well!”

Said, he handed one of the piece to Lin Wan Er’s mouth, the other side of his own mouth, said: “Come on, let’s taste it together.”

See him insist, Lin Wan’er know can’t argue with him, can only ghostly white glance at him, opened: “Well …… slave taste is.”

After saying that, her vermilion lips lightly opened, gently biting the delicate green leaf in her mouth.

Ye Chen saw her eat it, so he also felt relieved to put his own piece into his mouth and chewed it.

He originally thought that this thing just smelled like tea and was extremely fragrant, and thought that the taste should be very good, but he never dreamed that after that green leaf entered the mouth and was chewed by himself, it actually released a small strand of rich and pure spiritual qi!

A mouthful of it, that spiritual qi instantly let him spirit for a moment.

Although the content of spiritual qi was not much, but it was incomparably pure, moreover, this was still fresh tea without any refining, this kind of plant itself with spiritual qi, Ye Chen had never seen it before.

Lin Wan’er also tasted the strangeness of this piece of tea at this time, this tea was chewed in the mouth, it was not astringent nor bitter, it carried a few hints of light sweet flavour, what was even stranger was that this tea had a feeling that was soothing to the body and refreshing to the ears.

She had tasted countless teas in her life, and knew quite a bit about the tea produced by the mother of Pu Cha, but she had never tasted such a magical tea.

With a look of surprise, she asked Ye Chen: ”My lord, why does this tea have such an obvious effect? It seems that after tasting a piece of it, all the fatigue in my body instantly disappeared! I remember that the previous tea from the Mother of Pu Cha did not have this kind of effect ……”

Ye Chen said seriously, “That’s because this leaf contains aura.”

“There’s a spiritual qi?!” Lin Wan’er exclaimed, “How is this possible, my slave had heard my father talk about it before, there are many kinds of medicinal herbs that can be used as refining aura-type pills for everything in the world, in addition, these herbs need to be mixed with other medicinal herbs with each other and be refined by specialised people in order to have aura, this leaf is freshly grown, so how can it have aura?”

Ye Chen said, “Perhaps this is caused by the experience of the Mother of Pu Cha failing to cross the threshold and being reborn when she encountered thunder, just like the loose immortals we just talked about, perhaps the Mother of Pu Cha has really become a loose immortal in the field of plants now.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Apart from the Mother of Pu Cha, I have never encountered any plant that carries a spiritual aura on its own.”

Lin Wan’er said with excitement, “Then my slave thinks that she must not be following the path of a loose immortal, because she originally did not have aura, but now that she has just sprouted, she has aura, and the claim of a loose immortal is that there is a chance to re-cultivate, which is equal to being limited in terms of upward mobility, and that her strength will not bring about a qualitative change.”

Ye Chen asked her, “Then what situation does she belong to now?”

Lin Wan’er shook her head, “I don’t know, but I feel that it is more like she has been reborn in Nirvana, thus triggering a qualitative change! I think when she crossed the tribulation three hundred years ago, she left herself a ray of life, and then after waiting for three hundred years, she finally waited for Gongzi, and after that stormy thunder and lightning just now, she is considered to have obtained a creation comparable to meeting the wind and transforming into a dragon!”

Saying that, Lin Wan’er frowned, “It’s just that I really can’t figure out how she managed to bypass the Heavenly Dao, under the Heavenly Dao’s thunderbolt, and leave herself a ray of life.”

Ye Chen did not have a problem with how the Mother of Pu Cha left this thread of life back then, but just looked at this seedling and could not help but sigh, “If this is taken back and raised properly, when she grows into a large tree a few metres high, she will eat into a supreme expert just by picking leaves every day, right?”