Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5887

  ”Gongzi can think about it vicariously, if a person, eighteen years old college entrance examination failed, and then start all over again to read to the senior three, and then it has been in the senior three stayed to stay until a hundred years old, around the classmates will always be a group of eighteen years old young people, they either go to college and go away, or directly sent out to the society, and can never be seen again, only he, thunder and lightning has been to stay here, scattered immortal Pretty much the same feeling.”

Ye Chen was slightly stunned, and gave a thumbs up to Lin Wan’er, sighing, “Miss Lin is really gifted and intelligent, letting you talk about it like this, I basically understand what kind of thing a loose immortal is.”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at the seedling again and asked her, “Is Miss Lin sure that this is the mother of Pu Cha?”

Lin Wan Er nodded heavily, “Sure! Her aura, is exactly the same as the Mother of Pu Tea, and with the many coincidences just now, I can conclude that this is 100% the Mother of Pu Tea.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and murmured, “If that’s the case, isn’t that the same as the Mother of Pu Cha becoming a loose immortal in the tree?”

Lin Wan’er said without thinking, “That’s pretty much what it means, it’s just that the Scattered Immortal is also just some rumours that Nu Jia had heard before, and didn’t have the chance to seek proof, so all of this is just Nu Jia’s deduction.”

Ye Chen nodded and squatted down beside her, looking at the seedling and muttering intently, “This seedling looks plain and ordinary, nothing remarkable ah, it’s just that the tea fragrance flavour is a bit stronger, but I can’t feel half of the aura.”

Lin Wan Er saw him doubt, said with great certainty: “Sir, what I said is true, I believe that she must be the mother of Pu Tea!”

“Tsk ……” Ye Chen smacked his lips, nodding his head while muttering, “There’s such a magical thing, it’s really unbelievable and unheard of.”

Saying that, he curiously asked Lin Wan’er, “You said that it just grew so fast, how come it’s not growing at this moment?”

Lin Wan’er also looked puzzled: “Back to the gentleman, the slave does not know ……”

Ye Chen rested his chin on one hand and sighed as he looked at the seedling, “It’s a bit interesting, it’s really a bit interesting.”

After saying that, he smelled the refreshing tea flavour, subconsciously reached out and pulled down a young leaf from the seedling, and put it into his mouth while muttering, “Let me taste it, what would such an awesome tea tree taste like!”

Lin Wan Er saw him pulling off a young leaf, and immediately cried out in heartache, “Gongzi can’t do it!”

Lin Wan Er’s “ah” end note had not finished, Ye Chen’s hand owed to quickly reach out and grabbed a piece of it, and handed it straight to her mouth, and seriously said, “It’s better to be happy alone than to be happy together, so you should taste it too, you’ve drank so much tea cake from her, and you are definitely the most familiar with her flavour, so taste it and see if it’s the same flavour or not. ”

Lin Wan Er was on the verge of tears, red eyes said, “Gongzi even if you eat your slave, it’s better than eating her leaves! She waited for more than three hundred years today just broke the ground, a total of so a dozen tender leaves, but also by the public son pulled off two pieces, too poor ……”

“It’s okay.” Ye Chen seriously said, “You see her vitality is so vigorous, pulled off the leaves will certainly soon still grow out, you and I will be for her to repair the branches, people do not say it, the tree does not repair not straight.”

Lin Wan’er aggrieved incomparably said, “Gongzi, she just sprouted out, how can’t this time to repair ah ……”

Ye Chen saw her eyes red, helplessly handed two leaves to her face, said: “Look, I pulled all the pull, and can not give her back, the big deal is that I only pull these two, more than that will not pull, this always right?”

Lin Wan Er sighed grudgingly, some puffed up and muttered, “Then the gentleman tasted it himself, the slave can’t bear to ……”