Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5886

  Lin Wan’er nodded and said seriously, “Indeed, back then, my slave saw her being split into coke by the heavenly thunder.”

Ye Chen pointed at the seedling and asked, “How does that explain it?”

Lin Wan’er said very seriously, “My lord, although the Mother of Pu Cha is just a tree, she is after all a tree that has crossed the Heavenly Tribulation, although she is not a human being, but think about it differently, if a person can live to cross the Heavenly Tribulation, how terrifying must his strength be? By the same token, I’m afraid that the Mother of Pu Cha is one of the top trees in this world counted in trillions, and I’m afraid that her capabilities are far beyond what we can imagine.”

Ye Chen asked in surprise, “You mean, she has some way to be able to save herself after failing to cross the threshold?”

Lin Wan’er nodded and asked Ye Chen, “Have you ever heard of a Scattered Immortal?”

Ye Chen subconsciously shook his head, “Never heard of it.”

Lin Wan’er said, “In the legends about cultivation in the past, there was a saying that if one could successfully pass through the heavenly tribulation, one would become an immortal, and if one failed to pass through the tribulation, one would fly away, but apart from that, there is actually another possibility that one could disintegrate and become a dispersed immortal when one fails to pass through the tribulation, in this way, one could reshape one’s golden body and regain one’s cultivation, only that one never has the opportunity to pass through the tribulation and soar again in this life. the opportunity to do so.” 篳 Interesting Court

Ye Chen asked in surprise, “So powerful? Doesn’t that mean that as long as one’s cultivation can be raised to the level of a heavenly tribulation, it’s the same as mixing up a guarantee, becoming an immortal when one is successful, and becoming a loose immortal when one is defeated on the spot? Isn’t this the same as the state-owned enterprises’ children taking the university entrance exams back then? If you get in, you’ll be a college student, and if you don’t, you’ll have a job in a state-owned enterprise, so he won’t be able to lose his job.”

Lin Wan Er covered her mouth with a smile and said, “What is your son thinking? Not to mention the legend of the loose immortal is not true, even if it is true, people in the legend also note, can be in the nick of time, successful soldier to break up the people are few and far between, one in a hundred difficult to find one, the success rate than the success of the robbery is even lower, in other words, one hundred and two people to cross, of which only two people can cross the robbery successfully, the other one hundred people, ninety-nine people by the heavenly thunder into pieces, only one can be a chance to break up the soldiers. ”

Said, Lin Wan Er and said: “Prince since take the examination of the university as an analogy, then the slave will be all the cultivators of the robbery, are compared to the freshmen high school candidates, feathered into immortality, basically equal to the examination of the Tsinghua Yan University, or Harvard-Cambridge, as long as the examination did not get into the candidates of these top universities, in principle, all eliminated, directly out of the high school campus dispatched to the community, this life has not set foot in the Campus;”

“And loose immortal, is those college entrance examination score from these top universities admission score line only 0.1 points difference unlucky egg, he became loose immortal, this life, although lost the opportunity to read the university, but he has a benefit, is permitted to continue to study;”

“It’s just that he has to start reading from the first grade all over again, all the way up to the third year of senior high school; but after reading up to the third year of senior high school, he will have to stay in senior high school for the rest of his life, live to be a senior high school student for the rest of his life, reading up to be a senior high school student for the rest of his life;”