Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5883

Lin Wan’er’s words made Ye Chen perk up as well!

He also felt that there were many coincidences.

Why was there suddenly such a weird dark cloud pressing down?

Why would the dark clouds still show the sign of the Zhen Gua?

Why is there less thunder and lightning in that dark cloud?

Why did it appear in the place where the Mother of Pu Cha failed to cross the threshold?

Coupled with the fact that he just happened to use the lightning struck wood formed by the Mother of Pu Cha’s failed tribulation to create a brand new Thunder Shocking Order.

The many puzzling elements came together, and only Lin Wan’er’s speculation was the only answer that could answer all the doubts!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen said offhandedly without thinking, “Since this is the case, then I will lead to draw a Heavenly Thunder for this roiling dark cloud!”

Lin Wan’er nodded heavily, her eyes filled with anticipation as she said, “The Mother of Pu Cha and Nu Jia are quite fortunate, so I’m grateful to you for coming to my rescue!”

Ye Chen took out the Thrilling Thunder Order and held it in his palm, his eyes staring intently at the lower and thicker black clouds overhead, instantly stopping the Heart Technique Mantra that was masking his aura.

Immediately after, Ye Chen shouted, “Thunder comes!!!”

In a split second, all of his body’s spiritual qi rapidly gushed out from the eight meridians and veins, madly surging into the Thunder Shocking Order in his hand.

In just the blink of an eye, the dark Thunder Shocking Order even began to overflow with white light from the inside out, and most of the aura in Ye Chen’s body was also inhaled by the Thunder Shocking Order.

Ye Chen felt that the Lightning Thrilling Order in his hand was trembling more and more, the light was also getting stronger and stronger, and there was even the sound of electric current inside.

At this moment, Ye Chen felt that what he was holding in his hand was no longer a Thunderstorm Order, but a ball-shaped lightning bolt that was mentioned in science fiction novels from time to time!

Lin Wan Er had never seen such a sight before, her intuition told her that the strength of the light in Ye Chen’s hand was getting stronger and stronger, if she didn’t make a timely move, she was afraid that there would be a danger of injuring Ye Chen himself, so she subconsciously shouted out, “My lord, quickly cast the spells, don’t wait any longer!”

Ye Chen shook his head and spoke, “It’s no longer up to me when to cast the spell!”

If it was usual, when Ye Chen came with a thunderclap, the sky would be overwhelmed by dark clouds and roaring thunder, and heavenly thunder would soon descend from the clouds.

However, this time, when Ye Chen shouted out a thunder come, the Thunder Shocking Order in his hand didn’t immediately catalyse lightning, but kept accumulating energy, as if it was mastering the strength of casting the spell on its own.

In other words, the Thrilling Thunder Order itself felt that the accumulated aura was not enough!

And at this time, the dark clouds in the sky, have also been thick to an unimaginable point, completely a bottomless pitch black!

Lin Wan’er was horrified and asked him offhandedly, “Isn’t this Thunder Shocking Order under the control of Gongzi?”

Ye Chen held up his right hand with some effort, watching the light grow stronger and stronger, and said with a strained voice, “You guessed right! This must be the Mother of Pu Cha summoning, the Surprising Thunder Order in my hand was originally a part of her, and at this moment, I think it has already been controlled by her, and is no longer under my control!”

As he was saying, the Thrilling Thunder Order in Ye Chen’s hand suddenly lost its light, and in the next moment, an unseen and powerful energy shot out from the Thrilling Thunder Order, rushing straight towards the dark and oppressive clouds!

Ye Chen felt as if he had been drained of his body in an instant, the vast majority of his aura was consumed by this strike.

And in the next moment, the inside of the dense black clouds in the sky suddenly tumbled up at extreme speed, and immediately after that, rumbling thunder could be heard from inside, and lightning flashed frequently inside, as complex as plant roots, splitting the black clouds into countless small pieces of varying sizes and rules.

What was even stranger was that the rumbling sound, seemed to be intensifying, and the lightning in the cloud that kept flashing seemed to be getting thicker and brighter.

It was as if, Ye Chen’s thunderbolt order had only opened the prologue of a show, and right now, the thunderbolts in this cloud were continuously pushing the show towards the high court.

And then, that black cloud began to slowly move from above the Heavenly Pond, towards where Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er were.

Seeing that the lightning and thunder were getting closer and closer, Ye Chen hurriedly pulled up Lin Wan’er’s hand and led her to run wildly backward for hundreds of metres.