Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5879

  ”This you can rest assured!” Wang Jinquan said without thinking, “We are supposed to be two security squads, 24 hours two shifts guarding, we will definitely not let the tea tree have any discrepancies!”

Ye Chen, who was on the side, spoke up, “Alright, Factory Director Wang, I’ll leave this place to you, we both have other important matters on our minds, so we’ll leave first.”

Wang Jinquan asked in surprise, “Both of you, it’s dark now, so don’t rush to catch up, I’ve asked people to prepare good wine and good food in the canteen, why don’t you two have something to eat first, and I’ll come and arrange for the two of you to stay at night!”

“No.” Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Thank you, Factory Director Wang for your kind words, but the two of us do still have to rush, so we won’t be delayed here.”

Seeing that the two were determined to go, Wang Jinquan could only nod his head and say, “In that case, then I won’t keep the two VIPs.”

Ye Chen shook hands with him, took Lin Wan’er into the car, and in the night, drove the car away from Zhicheng Group’s factory, heading in the direction of Banna.

Finding the Tianchi where Lin Wan’er had lived back then wasn’t difficult, there was only one Tianchi in the true sense of the word in Banna, called the Jade Dragon Tianchi, which could be easily searched out on a map, and had now become a tourist attraction in Banna.

However, due to Banna’s tourist hot spot is the major forest parks and nature reserves, so the Yulong Tianchi this attraction is relatively cold, due to low visibility, the development of Yulong Tianchi is relatively slow, coupled with the Tianchi so far there are still a few old villages have not been relocated to resettlement, so the tourism development here is also more lagging behind.

After two hours of driving, Ye Chen and Lin Wan Er arrived at the bottom of Jade Dragon Tianchi’s mountain, where there was a mountain road that could drive directly up the mountain to several villages on the north bank of the Tianchi.

This road, too, was the only road leading from those villages to the outside world.

Banna is located in the plateau, the average altitude of fifteen hundred metres above and below, the two drove up the mountain, the altitude soon reached about two thousand metres, the environment of Banna itself is very close to the primitive, coupled with the high altitude, so the night sky above their heads is almost full of stars, beautiful.

Lin Wan Er was in an extraordinarily good mood, she opened the car window, lying on the side of the window to poke her head out to look at the stars in the sky, like a little girl who returned to her grandmother’s house in the countryside during the summer holidays, with a happy smile on her face and an extraordinarily intoxicated expression.

Ye Chen also can not help but be convinced by this scenery, long time living in the reinforced concrete city, every day raise your head, you can see no more than dozens of stars, sometimes even only a few.

But here, there were countless stars in the sky, and the outline of the Milky Way was extraordinarily clear and mesmerising.

After the car turned a series of sharp curves, the Tianchi, surrounded by several large mountains, appeared in front of us.

The sparkling heavenly pool, like a mirror, reflected the stars in the sky, instantly making this quiet night sky seem to come alive, right now although it was already night, but Ye Chen could still clearly feel that the scene in front of him was almost exactly the same as the scene in the painting by Lin Wan Er, no matter what it looked like or what the flavour was.

Lin Wan’er was overjoyed, as she looked at the outline of the Heavenly Pond, she couldn’t help but exclaim to Ye Chen, “The Heavenly Pond doesn’t seem to have changed at all, even the outline hasn’t changed much, it’s still the same as before!”

Ye Chen asked her, “Can you still find the location of the Mother of Pu Cha?”

“Can!” Lin Wan’er nodded, pointing to the edge of the Tianchi in the distance, and said to Ye Chen, “The Mother of Pu Cha is on the northern bank of the Tianchi, almost a hundred feet away from the edge of the Tianchi.”