Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5878

To Lin Wan’er, she had always been a little puzzled as to why Ye Chen had been unexpectedly kind to herself ever since the moment he had suddenly been brought to the Forbidden Mountain Zhang’s top floor alibi by the ring that night.

Not only had he given himself a share of all his pills, he had also promised Old Zhang and the others a longer lifespan, and he had even put down all the affairs in his hands and accompanied himself all the way to Diannan.

And he just wanted to come to Erlang Mountain to pay homage to his parents, but he didn’t expect that Ye Chen would directly buy the Zhicheng Group that owns Erlang Mountain, and he even had to carry out a large-scale renovation of the place to facilitate his future homage to his parents.

Lin Wan’er herself also has countless wealth, but Ye Chen’s behaviour, in Lin Wan’er’s view, is already completely not can use money to measure, he must be very care about themselves, will be so attentive, so careful.

Lin Wan’er’s guess was not wrong, Ye Chen did care about Lin Wan’er, the grace of saving her life was naturally one of the aspects, on the other hand, the more Ye Chen came into contact with her, his heart unconsciously became more and more sympathetic to her bumpy experiences over the past three hundred years.

This kind of sympathy would easily evolve into heartache.

For Lin Wan’er, who had lived for more than three hundred years, the most important thing about worshipping her parents was to be able to come to the place where her parents had been sleeping, touch the soil here with her own hands, and speak a few words with her parents, so that the bitterness and longing of these three hundred years would all have a place to rest.

Lin Wan’er knelt on the ground and silently poured out her heart to her parents for about half an hour, and then she stood up, looked at the black soil under her feet, smiled heartily, and turned around to Ye Chen, “My lord, let’s go!”

Ye Chen said, “It’s getting dark, if you want to spend more time with your parents, should we rest here for the night? I can go to the car and bring up the tent.”

“Your Excellency doesn’t have to bother.” Lin Wan’er softly said, “Although my slave also wants to accompany my parents more, but I can’t let Gongzi accompany them to stay here together in the wind, what’s more, my slave is nameless and faceless, how can I dare to let Gongzi accompany my parents to keep their spirit, it’s better to talk about it some other day when my slave comes alone.”

Ye Chen didn’t think about it carefully, he just spoke, “You don’t need to be so polite with me, I don’t need to rest myself, it’s the same wherever I am, and it’s getting late, we always need to find a place to spend the night, either we go to Poole city to find a hotel, or we need to find a place to put up our tents and camp out.”

Lin Wan’er suddenly remembered something, looked at Ye Chen with an expectant face, and asked, “Gongzi, this place is not far from Banna, why don’t we go to Banna right now, and tonight we will camp and rest by the Tianchi pond in Banna, at the place where the Mother of Pu Tea crossed the tribulation back then!”

Ye Chen saw that she was full of anticipation, so he immediately nodded without hesitation and said, “Then let’s go to Banna, it’s just over a two hour drive!”

After saying that, Ye Chen added to her, “Then let the employees of Zhicheng Group continue to look after this place for the next two days, and when Miss Su completes the acquisition, I’ll let her gradually replace all the employees here with trusted members of her own people, and then draw a group of generals from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to come over to take care of the security issues at that time.”

Lin Wan’er nodded her head gratefully and said, “I’m grateful for everything, Your Excellency!”

With that, the two of them came down from Erlang Mountain together.

Wang Jinquan had already been waiting at the bottom of the mountain for a long time, and seeing the two of them coming back, he hurriedly and attentively went forward and asked, “Both of you, I wonder if you are satisfied with our tea tree?”

Lin Wan’er nodded: “Although the species of the tree can’t be said to be extremely good, but it’s better in terms of age, and the quality is considered to be very good, you guys mustn’t slack off in your security work in the past two days, and before completing the acquisition, there must not be any damage to this tea tree.”