Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5877

“In recent years, the breeding idea in tea is also like this, the higher the yield the better, the more perfect the appearance the better, the stronger the resistance to pests the better, and then with chemical fertilisers and pesticides, the output benefit per unit area is naturally geometrically increased;”

Speaking here, Lin Wan’er’s words turned, and added: “However, using this direction to continuously cultivate new varieties, the output and yield went up, the taste of the tea is actually going down, if there is an opportunity, in the future, you can try to cultivate new varieties in the opposite direction, to see if you can get the taste of the tea from that year back, but the prerequisite is that you need to find a good seed tree first, and The good seed trees that my slave is talking about are the varieties that have inherited as many of the genes from the tea tree back then as possible, not the varieties that have been improved by technology now.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Don’t we still have to go to Banna? The place where the Mother of Pu Tea grew back then, we should be able to find her descendants, right?”

Lin Wan’er also couldn’t help but say with some anticipation, “Nu Jia also thinks the same way, Nu Jia when I was in Banna, I used to teach the local tea farmers how to use the mother plant of the mother of Pu Cha for grafting and breeding, I just don’t know that after so many years, there is still no one locally who continues to breed the daughter plant of the mother of Pu Cha, if I can find it this time when I go to Banna, I’ll bring some of it back to cultivate it here. ”

The two of them walked and chatted, and got closer and closer to the peak of the mountain.

As the huge tea tree got closer and closer, Lin Wan Er’s mood became more and more excited.

Although it had been more than three hundred years since then, she still recognised the tea tree.

Seeing that her body was trembling a little, Ye Chen couldn’t help but ask her, “This should be the place, right?”

“It’s here ……,” Lin Wan’er nodded heavily and said softly, “I can recognise this tree, even the scars on it I still remember.”

Saying that, she couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “Hundreds of years, for a human being, it’s a span of time that one wouldn’t dare to think about, but for a tree, it’s barely changed, after three hundred years, it’s still here, and although it’s a bit more lush and thicker, its appearance hasn’t changed too much.”

Then, she pointed to a bowl-sized piece of tree scar on the tree trunk, and said to Ye Chen, “My slave used this scar as a marker at that time, and buried my parents’ urns of ashes, three paces away from the distance below the scar.”

After saying that, she walked out three steps along the direction of the tree scar formation.

After standing still, Lin Wan’er did not shed any tears, she only bent down silently, gently stroking the soil on the ground, and muttered under her breath, “Father, Mother, Wan’er has come to see you.”

After such a long time, for the first time to return to her parents’ spirit, Lin Wan’er’s mood was extraordinarily complicated, but she was not very sad, she stroked the ground while saying, “Thank you for the blessing of the spirit of heaven, letting Wan’er pass through so many years without any danger, it’s just that Wan’er is weak and incapable of confronting Wu Feiyan, so she hasn’t been able to come and visit you for such a long time, and I also hope that you won’t blame me! Wan Er ……”

Seeing this, Ye Chen who was beside him only thought of solving all the problems for Lin Wan’er as much as possible, so he said, “Don’t worry Miss Lin, turn around, I’ll let the Su family build a helipad here, and then add another helicopter, in the future, if you want to come over, you can directly take the Su family’s private plane from Jinling to Poole Airport, and transfer directly to a helicopter to come here without going out of the airport, and do the same thing when you go back, so that the the entire traffic process form a closed loop, even if the Broken Qing Society stops hibernating, it’s impossible for them to discover you, and by then, you’ll be able to come over from Jinling often.”

Lin Wan’er was slightly stunned as she spoke, “Nu Jia thought that Gongzi went to great lengths to buy this place for Nu Jia because he wanted Nu Jia to live here in the future.”

Ye Chen busily said, “Don’t ah, to deal with Wu Fei Yan and the Broken Qing Society, I’m afraid I’m out of my depth on my own, Miss Lin understands the Broken Qing Society quite well, if she can stay in Jinling all the time, she will surely be able to provide me with a lot of help, as for this place, I’ll have someone seize the time to remodel it, and then I’ll replace the manpower here with a group of people to make sure that it’s safe and that after that, Miss Lin will be able to come over often. ”

Lin Wan’er’s heart was delighted, she couldn’t help but smile lightly and softly said, “Thank you for taking the trouble, gongzi! It is a blessing for my slave to be able to share your worries for you!”