Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5875

  At this time, the security guard took the first step to the centre of the road, stopped Ye Chen’s car and spoke: ”Young man why are you back again? Didn’t I tell you, you have to make an appointment with the group first!”

Wang Jinquan didn’t expect the security guard to go up and communicate with the VIP first, and listening to the meaning of the words it seemed like the two had already been here once before.

So, he immediately went up and pulled the security guard to one side, and opened his mouth to ask Ye Chen, “Hello, may I ask if you are an expert sent by the Su Group?”

Ye Chen pointed to Lin Wan’er beside him and said with a smile, “I’m not an expert, this lady is the real expert.”

The security guard said with a puzzled expression, “Young man, when did you two become experts?”

Wang Jinquan hurriedly said, “Old Li, how are you talking to the VIP, the VIP is here to guide us in our inspection work, which is your turn to dictate here, hurry up and open the gate!”

The security guard was surprised in his heart, but after all, the factory director had spoken, so he still hurriedly opened the gate.

Wang Jinquan hurriedly said to Ye Chen: “Two, I am our factory director Wang Jinquan, the size of the affairs here are by me to be responsible for, the two of you today specific first to investigate some of the what despite tell me, I will certainly cooperate fully, never hide!”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “In this way, you first arrange a place, let’s sit down and chat for a few words.”

Wang Jinquan said offhandedly, “No problem! Then, please move to my office, both of you!”

Ye Chen asked him, “Has Factory Director Wang driven yet?”

Wang Jinquan nodded his head in a hurry, “I’ve driven it!”

“Good.” Ye Chen then said, “Then you lead the way in front.”


Wang Jinquan black block drilled into a black Audi car and led Ye Chen to the factory’s office building.

Subsequently, he attentively invited Ye Chen and Lin Wan’er to his office, and then while opening up to make tea, he said, “The two of you came over so late today, which aspect of our situation do you mainly want to understand?”

Ye Chen casually asked, “I heard that this tea base of yours is based on Erlang Mountain, right?”

“That’s right!” Wang Jinquan nodded heavily and explained, “This tea base of ours is itself built with Erlang Mountain as the centre, previously it was all privately contracted tea mountains, but due to the poor planting and management of these tea farmers, the quality and production of tea here has been declining over the years, it was only after we took over that we took Erlang Mountain’s mother plant of Pu Tea as the core, and used it as the basis for a new cultivation, and now the quality of tea has been greatly improved.”

When Lin Wan’er heard the Erlang Mountain Pu Tea Mother Strain several keywords, her heart immediately became excited, so she opened her mouth and asked, “Plant Director Wang, may I ask, what do you mean by Erlang Mountain Pu Tea Mother Strain?”

Wang Jinquan explained, “It’s like this two honourable guests, there is a Pu’er Tea tree on this Erlang Mountain with a history of more than a thousand years, there are quite a few tea trees in this dozens of miles around, and it’s said that all of them are grafted from um it, and we’ve done a certain degree of breeding after we’ve taken it over, and at that time, the basis of our breeding was this thousand year old Pu’er Tea tree. ”

Lin Wan’er was even more excited in her heart, and hurriedly asked again, “I wonder if Factory Director Wang can take us to take a look at this thousand year old tea tree? Maybe he can also be of great help to our future breeding direction.”

Wang Jinquan nodded and said cheerfully, “Since the two honourable guests want to see it, then anytime is fine!”

After saying that, Wang Jinquan added: “It’s just that the sky has started to get a little dark outside now, when we go up the mountain it’s probably already dark, I don’t know if the darkness will affect your judgement on this tea tree?”

Lin Wan Er said without thinking, “It won’t, I’ll take a look in my heart!”