Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5874

Although Ye Chen didn’t know anything about tea, he could understand Lin Wan Er’s special affection for the mother of all Pu Cha.

In his opinion, the Mother of Pu Cha was a kind of spiritual support for Lin Wan Er, and it was a spiritual support that spanned three hundred years, so he also understood why Lin Wan Er longed to be able to recreate the flavour of the Mother of Pu Cha one day.

So he said to Lin Wan’er, “When the handover of Erlang Mountain is completed, you can use this place as your cultivation base in the future, and use your experience to see if you can cultivate better tea varieties.”

Lin Wan’er nodded and said, “Breeding is a troublesome thing, technological breeding slaves don’t know too much about it, but artificial breeding, I’m afraid it will take at least ten years to be effective.”

Ye Chen said in relief, “It’s fine, if you can breed it, it will be considered a blessing for all tea lovers, if you can’t, it doesn’t matter, anyway, you’ve already tasted the mother of all Pu Tea’s flavour, and its taste will always remain in your memory.”

“Well ……,” Lin Wan’er smiled faintly, “Gongzi is right.”

As he spoke, Ye Chen had already driven back to Zhicheng Group’s production base at the foot of Erlang Mountain.

At this time, although the factory was already off duty, at the main gate, a middle-aged male wearing glasses and a svelte face was waiting nervously and anxiously, and by his side stood the same security guard that Ye Chen had exchanged words with just now.

The security guard looked at the middle-aged male and asked with some doubts, “Plant Director Wang, who are you waiting for here? Could it be that the chairman is coming to inspect the work?”

The middle-aged male who was called Factory Director Wang, named Wang Jinquan, was the person in charge of this processing factory.

Hearing the security guard’s query, Wang Jinquan waved his hand and said, “I’m waiting for two VIPs.”

Wang Jinquan was Lu Zhicheng’s beloved general.

The two most important businesses of Zhicheng Group, one was the production of Pu’er Tea and the other was the sales of Pu’er Tea, the latter was Lu Zhicheng’s own responsibility, while the former, Wang Jinquan had been in full charge.

A few years ago, in order to make Wang Jinquan die, Lu Zhicheng gave him three points of shares.

Now, Su Group intends to wholly acquire Zhicheng Group, in addition to Lu Zhicheng can cash out, other equity owners can also take advantage of this opportunity to cash out.

Therefore, Lu Zhicheng had already informed Wang Jinquan of Su Group’s acquisition over the phone, and Wang Jinquan was naturally thrilled beyond words.

He followed Lu Zhicheng dry for so many years, has been looking forward to Zhicheng Group listed, that way, their own shares can find the opportunity to cash.

But Zhicheng Group repeatedly failed to list, gave Wang Jinquan again and again blow, and then these years, he even has not taken the three points of the shares seriously.

After all, can not be listed, it is doomed to this share is not much use, just in the industrial and commercial registration there to hang a name.

The reason why has not left, but also because Lu Zhicheng is really good for him, although the shares of this long-term gain is not much hope, but wages, bonuses, these short and medium-term gains still give Wang Jinquan is very satisfied.

And today suddenly heard that Su Group price 700 million to buy Zhicheng Group, Wang Jinquan excited legs can not stand, his three points of the shares, according to the price of 700 million, the pre-tax value of 21 million, deducted 20% of the personal income tax, the net proceeds have more than 16 million, double-colour ball after tax four million, this time is equal to the four times the double-colour ball, for him, is definitely a one-night-only rich!

Wang Jinquan did not get excited for a long time, Lu Zhicheng told him, Su Group sent out the tea experts will arrive soon, in order to avoid mistakes, he specially explained Wang Jinquan, must Su Group experts as an ancestor to provide up, must not let them have any dissatisfaction.

Wang Jinquan without saying a word, immediately ran to the factory door to wait, in order to let Su’s Group “experts” can be satisfied with their own service and attitude.

When Ye Chen drove his car to the entrance of the factory, Wang Jinquan had already seen Ye Chen’s licence plate number and knew that this was the car of the two experts, so he immediately raised his spirit and prepared to deal with it.