Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5870

Lu Zhicheng also knew that the other party must be real.

Just the other party’s temperament sitting there, the accent of his speech, then it couldn’t be fake.

This instantly made him somewhat flattered, and his entire person became fidgety.

Zhang Ziqi, Su Zhi Yu’s director secretary, saw that Lu Zhicheng didn’t say anything for half a day, so he tried to ask him, “Mr Lu, can you hear me, please?”

Only then did Lu Zhicheng come back to his senses and said in a panic, “I hear you, I hear you! Miss Zhang, right! Hello hello hello!”

Zhang Ziqi gently nodded and said with a smile, “Mr Lu, I won’t talk too much over the top with you, let’s get straight to the point, this time contacting you is mainly because our General Manager Su is interested in acquiring the Zhicheng Group, so she would like to consult Mr Lu if he has any ideas of selling, if so, we can start discussing the specific matters of the acquisition directly.”

The first thing that I want to do is to get a receiver to take over my property, so that I can cash out and enjoy my old age, but I didn’t think that the top plutocratic family in the country would want to acquire my property, which is something I wouldn’t even dare to dream about.

So he also didn’t dare to engage in any lustful ruse at all, and said without thinking, “I have the idea of selling, it depends on what kind of offer Su Group can give us!”

Zhang Ziqi smiled and said, “Since Mr Lu has the intention to sell, then let our General Manager Su personally come and chat with you about the price, I will immediately invite General Manager Song to join the meeting, you guys chat about the specifics, I’ll do the minutes.”

Lu Zhicheng asked in surprise, “Mr Su? Is that your chairman?”

“Right.” Zhang Ziqi smiled, “It’s our chairman, Ms Su Zhiyu Su.”

Lu Zhicheng felt even more flattered in his heart.

What virtue and ability, how could he, a small business making tea, be able to gain the favour of the Su Family’s head of the family?

Just when he was excited, Su Zhi Yu connected into the video conference room.

As soon as she came in, she politely said, “Hello Mr Lu, I’m Su Zhiyu, the chairman of the Su Group.”

Lu Zhicheng’s voice trembled a little with excitement, “Hello, Miss Su …… Su …… I’ve long heard of your great name …… ”

Su Zhi Yu laughed: “Mr Lu do not have to be so polite, probably have to situation, Ziqi should have said to you, I also do not delay more time, let’s get straight to the point, I know that Mr Lu is Zhicheng Group absolutely controlling the major shareholders, so let’s directly talk about a price today, if appropriate, tomorrow, I’ll let the lawyers team to go over to audit it, let’s sign the contract. ”

Lu Zhicheng was surprised and asked, “Su …… Su is this too urgent? You want to sign the contract tomorrow?”

Su Zhi Yu smiled and said, “I’m not hiding it from Mr Lu, a few hundred million dollars of trade if it is not a little faster, then I’m afraid that every day I have to be busy to death, let’s take advantage of this time before work and hurry to talk about the intention, if you can do it, seize the time to promote it, and if you can’t, you won’t waste everyone’s time either.”

Su Zhi Yu lightly a sentence, then released a few key information to Lu Zhicheng.

The first, this sale is a few hundred million, that is to say, she gave Zhicheng Group’s bid by no means more than one billion, directly cut off Lu Zhicheng’s lion’s share of thoughts;

The second, Zhicheng Group such a small business, for her, like the ancient emperor to read the irrelevant passages, the matter is not big, so hurry up to finish the matter, if it is too much trouble even if;

Lu Zhicheng know, people’s stature, momentum, background, backbone are too strong than their own, so although the heart is a little sigh, but not to talk about any negative emotions.

However, he still asked with some curiosity, “Mr Su, Su Group is such a big enterprise, how could it look at a small company like us?”

Su Zhi Yu laughed, “Mr Lu doesn’t have to be presumptuous, the size of an enterprise is not the only standard to measure the value of an enterprise, as for why Su Group wants to acquire your Zhicheng Group, to be honest, it’s mainly because my grandpa is more fond of Pu’er Tea, and nowadays there are frequent safety issues in the food industry, so I, being a granddaughter, would like to acquire an enterprise at the source, so as to ensure that he can drink the most safe Pu’er tea, not much money anyway, for peace of mind.”

Lu Zhicheng was dumbfounded after hearing this, and thought in his heart: “Fuck, this is a really rich man ah! If you like drinking Pu-erh tea, you’re just going to buy a company that produces Pu-erh tea? Your money came from the wind, right?”

Then, when he thought in another direction, he was instantly relieved.