Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5867

  ”Pu-erh tea soak up the trouble, people simply soak up the filling into a bottle, consumers not only unscrewed to drink, but also f*cking can drink chilled, our consumers can only keep a hundred degrees of boiling water to brew tea, tea leaves put a long time, the temperature is reduced, the taste has changed;”

“But people canned from the production line, quality control is very standard, how to drink, where to drink, are the same flavour, you say this how to compete with them?”

Lu Youfeng sighed, depressed: “Dad, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve long felt that our business is not so good, the competition is too fierce;”

“And you say we have been in the development of Diannan, resources and contacts only here, but the industry here is not developed, the traffic is not convenient, we are here to switch to tea drinks still can not beat others, the next door Lao Ganma is the best example, e-commerce did not come up, they are the first sauce, but after the e-commerce, they were quickly left behind! ……”

Speaking here, Lu Youfeng gathered courage and said to Lu Zhicheng: “Dad, in my opinion, we should find a suitable home, or sell the company, you have worked hard for most of your life, it is time to retire and enjoy the blessings.”

Lu Zhicheng grunted and laughed, and asked him, “Finding an underling? Do you think it’s that easy to find the next person? If you are not optimistic about this industry, why should anyone else be? Our group is now the most embarrassing, bigger than our group is now cutting back on expenses, it is impossible to spend money to buy us, smaller than our emerging brands, they play the fast money model, can not wait to invest money today, tomorrow on the profitability, more likely to spend money to buy us such a burden, we are like this, do OEM for other people people do not look at it, why? Because our tea production costs are high! If the law does not care, they would like to use rotten leaves as tea, how can we use our stuff?”

Lu Youfeng sighed dejectedly and asked him, “Isn’t there a chance to cash out and leave the market?”

Lu Zhicheng nodded and said, “Yes, of course there is, the group’s current profit situation, according to the capital market algorithm, plus the net assets, the market value of the serious should be in the eleven or twelve hundred million or so, we do not pursue a high premium, a discount of eight hundred million is always reasonable, right? But this price, now no one will go out, because no one will give us premium space, if we set the price to less than five hundred million, it is estimated that there is a possibility of bidding, if we set the price to less than four hundred million, the probability is that we can sell it.”

Saying that, Lu Zhicheng added: “But four hundred million is also too low, at least seven hundred million is reasonable, right?”

“Seven hundred million?” Lu Zhicheng bristled, said disdainfully, “You have that effort to daydream, might as well think about how to drink that gang of dealers tonight, they want a 40% discount, this I certainly can’t give, to see if you can drink too much after a compromise, lift to four point five, hurry to sign the contract.”

Lu Youfeng couldn’t help but say, “Dad, there is always a dream ah, what if it comes true?”

Lu Zhicheng impatiently said: “Seven hundred million if someone buys it, I’ll run around Peace Road three times with my bare bottom!”

Lu Youfeng heard this, immediately a face of resentment, he thought, less one hundred million may be able to sell, did not expect the old man was so pessimistic.

Just when both father and son are depressed, only to hear the door boomed open, followed by the secretary stumbled like crazy rushed in, the secretary had not yet stood still, then excitedly said: “Chairman …… has… …there is a heavenly good thing!”

Lu Zhicheng was already annoyed, seeing the secretary rushed in without knocking on the door, the fire immediately bubbled up, angrily shouted: “When did you learn to not even knock on the door?”

The secretary couldn’t care less about the accusation, and while swallowing his saliva strenuously, he said with hard to hide his excitement, “Chairman, the Su Group …… is the one that ranks number one in the country! Their director secretary just called and said that he wants to talk to you about the acquisition!”