Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5865

At this very moment, Zhicheng Building in downtown Poole.

Sixty-two year old Lu Zhicheng, had just finished a dealer meeting.

Due to the fact that he still had to organise a dinner party to entertain the dealers at the hotel in the evening, although he was already exhausted, he could only rest in his office for a few moments first, and then force himself to go to the banquet site when the time came.

Today’s Lu Zhicheng was in a somewhat bored mood.

In recent years, the dealers have been getting stronger and stronger in front of the group, and in the past, it was the group that put pressure on the dealers to assess their performance, forcing them to keep buying goods to increase their inventory, and even often withholding their end-of-year rebates for various reasons, as a way of forcing them to be more hardworking as well as more obedient.

But these years with the rise of e-commerce, the vast majority of traditional brands in front of the dealer has lost this absolute advantage.

Especially alcohol and tea such opaque FMCG industry, every day there will be a new brand came out to brag a lot, will be packaged as Moutai second or tea of the hegemony.

They are more than traditional enterprises will be packaged, more storytelling, but also particularly shrewd, good at marketing, casually looking for label manufacturers to produce a white wine, packaging to do some good, on the website to hang a bottle of five hundred links, and then offline with a variety of promotional packages, the last fifty a bottle is also shipping, the result is that such a white wine, the true cost of its not even five dollars.

The cost of wine five dollars, the cost of publicity to buy traffic ten dollars, plus two or three dollars of logistics costs, basically all the costs of this wine.

Fifty bottles sold to consumers, there is at least thirty dollars of profit margin.

Tea is the same thing.

Lu Zhicheng sells ordinary mass-grade Puerh tea for a hundred dollars a cake, a cake of almost three hundred grams, but a marketing expert divides the same quality of tea into small portions of five grams, and then gives it a customised story, and a small portion of it can be sold for fifty dollars;

There are peers, although not good at packaging storytelling, but good at price wars, they know the tea when the tea is too choked by the rubbish tea packaging, others sell a hundred cakes, he sold a hundred three cakes, three cakes is not enough to add a cake, not enough to add a cake, a total of five cakes, plus three cakes travelling suit, and then also send a tea pot packaged on the car, a total of one hundred sales.

This seems to sell more sales at a small profit, in fact, but the pit is more powerful, five big and three small a total of eight cakes of tea, the cost does not add up to twenty dollars, tea pots are ordered in bulk from also wu, the cost of a piece of five, the rest of the seventy-odd yuan profit margin, out of more than twenty to the netroots with the goods, they can also earn half.

Lu Zhicheng know peers of these plays, also know that they use this play to earn away more money, but also greatly robbed their target customers, but Lu Zhicheng himself, but can not learn each other so underhanded marketing methods.

These competitors, is not really know tea love tea people, they just take the tea as a temporary money-making profit track, when they selected tea, they will use this way to harvest tea consumers, when he aims at health care tomorrow, they will start another cooker, another packaging a health care products, with the same way to wash a wave of health care customers.

In the words of Lu Zhicheng, those people, lack of reverence for tea.

And he was different.

He loved tea for a lifetime, and also relied on tea to become a more famous and wealthy local entrepreneur, so he had a hot affection for tea.

He feels that the prerequisite for making money is to do a good job with the tea first, and only in this way is the money earned at ease.

It is also because of this love and awe, he has not been able to find a real sense of overnight wealth.