Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 5864

  Ye Chen did not expect that Su Zhi Yu was able to sort out and summarise so much effective information in just 10 minutes, and in his heart, he greatly recognised this woman’s business acumen as well as her judgement and business ability.

He asked Su Zhiyu, “In Miss Su’s opinion, if we acquire this company, how much will the opening price be able to do as we wish?”

Su Zhi Yu said, “Mr Ye, from the information I can currently find out, their boss, Lu Zhicheng, the percentage of public shareholding is 57.6%, but through other equity structures and option holdings, the overall calculation should be at 78.5%, a well-deserved major shareholder, want to succeed in acquiring Zhicheng Group, as long as you can get Lu Zhicheng to nod his head, it will be considered a success; ”

“With Lu Zhicheng’s current income situation, if he continues to keep this stall business dry, if he is lucky to earn a thirty to forty million dollars a year, bad luck, a year may be a year to the end of the year may not earn a penny, or even a loss of money; ”

“Putting his eyes on the next 20 years, individuals can get the net income from Zhicheng Group successively, should not be more than six hundred million;”

“If we give him an offer that ensures that after he strikes out, there is no betting clause, no waiting period, and he can reap more than six hundred million in one go, then there is no reason why he would refuse our acquisition.”

“Six hundred million divided by his shareholding, which is 78.5%, our total offer to Zhicheng Group should be around seven hundred and sixty million;”

“Of course, whether this price is ultimately higher or lower, it also depends on the specific chat with Lu Zhicheng, through communication, to analyse his current psychological state as well as his psychological expectations, to be on the safe side, I personally recommend setting the psychological price at eight hundred million, but I will use six hundred million as the offer to chat with him, and strive to take him down within the price range of seven hundred million to seven hundred and fifty million! ”

Ye Chen asked her, “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Su Zhi fish very confidently said, “like Lu Zhicheng such entrepreneurs, decades to do are entity business, industry scale, although large, but the money is also a penny earned back, this kind of people, business is not the possibility of getting rich overnight, want to go public to cash out and have no opportunity to simply do not experience the feeling of getting rich overnight, so the enthusiasm of people will also be relatively large consumption, he Estimates do not know how much hope that there is a person can take his plate at once, so that he can that a large amount of money to smoothly pull out of retirement, and he is the absolute controlling majority shareholder, so the success or not, only in him alone, I believe that there should be no problem.”

Ye Chen was satisfied and said to her, “I’m in Poole right now, how long do you think it will take for you to be able to resolve this matter? If it’s fast, I’ll wait for you for two days, if it’s slow, I’ll go to the field to do other things first, and I’ll come back when you’re done.”

Su Zhi Yu looked at the time and spoke, “It’s almost sunset over here, but since you’re in Poole, there should still be more than an hour before sunset, if it goes well, I should be able to get him to nod his head before sunset on your side, and as long as he nods his head, I can immediately pay him a deposit of 100 million, and then send a team of lawyers over to go over there overnight to handle the transfer procedures with him!”

“One hour?” When Ye Chen heard this reply, he smiled and said, “Alright, then I’ll wait here for your news, as long as he nods and you pay the deposit, tell him that he has to send two consultants to his base in Zhicheng Mountain to inspect it first, and ask him to notify the person in charge of the base to prepare for the reception!”